• SOLIDARITY CAMP FOR FAMILIES. Cooperates ONGD he devised this type of field work for the purpose of teens begin development cooperation accompanied by their parents / mothers or families. Our goal is to sensitize our young people about the realities that young people like them live in developing countries, collaborating in voluntary work and living a unique and enriching experience, both from the point of view as social and cultural. If you're interested, Write to yolanda@cooperaong.org


In Cooperates ONGD we work with and for people. and no s & oacute; it in the pa RIVER countries where we have our development projects, but also & eacute; n here & iacute;, in our society, lor moves we are all people who believe in us and support us every day, as our heart volunteers.

Cooperates has a large team of volunteers who contribute their selfless work:

– Organizing events like BTT Carlos Coloma Solidarity March with Coopera.

– In our awareness activities such as Olympic Solidarity Study or series of talks and exhibition 'Watch and Think'.

– In our fields of work abroad. Cooperates with organized labor camps abroad where volunteer participation is essential. You can find these projects, as & iacute; as places are developed, all those experiences RIVER have collaborated and the formation & oacute; n pr & aacute; university practices that can be performed.

open program

  • WORKING IN SENEGAL FIELD. Professional profiles that fit the projects we are currently developing in Senegal are: Veterinary, Agronomist and Child Educator (for other projects, availability). If you meet the profile and the requirements demanded by the organization, could you joining this activity whose dates are flexible but program, preferably, from October to June. If your dates are available the summer months, ask us. In any case, the minimum stay must be 15 días. You can see the Fieldwork information Senegal. If you're interested , you can go by completing this file and send it to the following email, where you can also expose your doubts: voluntariado@cooperaong.org



Más información:

If you are interested in having your volunteer experience with us, Tell us what are your aspirations in this area.

ESCR has attributed to benos: voluntariado@cooperaong.org

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