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economic recovery in the Canton of San Vicente. Ecuador

Beautiful video made by our fellow Cooperates Ecuador which summarizes the work of economic recovery, production and tourism associations and related artisanal production of the Canton of San Vicente, after the earthquake. It has built the craft center Los Hijos del Sol and have been given training adapted to the peculiarities of each association. A project funded by the Government of La Rioja.


Become a member of Coopera. They tell you all: Carlos Sobera, Fernando Llorente, Patxi Freytez and Carlos Coloma invite us to be part of this particular 'Solidarity revolution’ which is Cooperates.

Wara Wara project. Sierra Leona

Schools Activities Report Wara Wara 2016/2017. 9 minutes to learn about our work and community work is eproyecto school construction.


Acircándonos project in Ecuador

Here's the video summary of the draft Acircándonos in Ecuador. During the month of February this group made a total of 42 shows about making smiles 16.000 children and adults in areas affected by the earthquake. Cooperates our partner in Ecuador Amparo Freire rene Mejia He was helping in this great work.

Rioja Sport. V Solidarity March with Carlos Coloma cooperates ONGD

Organized for the benefit of girls who have been sexually assaulted and are being addressed within a program organized by Cooperates in the South Kivu and championed by Carlos Coloma.

V Marcha BTT Carlos Coloma with Cooperates helps R.D. Congo

Lorena Aguirre, responsible for Cooperates in DR Congo, encourages us from that country to participate in the V Marcha BTT cooperates with Carlos Coloma. The 19 March pedaled all with the goal of getting support this project that helps victims of sexual violence in South Kivu area, in DR Congo.

Cooperates promotional video.

In 1994 a group of young students decided together to improve the lives of many people, thus he was born the NGO Coopera. Twenty years later we are still working with the same enthusiasm thanks to our partners, volunteers, collaborators and friends who support us in our projects. This video is a little tour of our work and thanks to all of them.

Merry Christmas from Congo: We do with this sound card, MAZINGILA is a song written and composed by Justin Kashara. This sung by children ROOT group & SHOOTS de Lwiro, R. D. del Congo, Researchers who are children of the Center de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles and the children of workers Primate Rehabilitation Center Lwiro (ETRC). Cooperates supports this project for years, within a program that also covers education, combating violence against minors, health and human rights. The language of the song is SWAHILI. Discusses the problems that the environment = MAZINGILA faces and protection work undertaken by sanctuaries in Africa, especially, the CRPL, and his tireless fight to save chimps = SOKOMUTU and primates of various species, as well as other animals have been about to die and come to the center to be healed. But above all calls for us to be more aware and ALL of us get involved in protecting biodiversity!
With this beautiful theme, whose recording have also helped our expatriate colleagues in R.D. del Congo, Itsaso and Lorraine, We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the 2016 and we want to thank your support without which our work in countries such as R. D. del Congo, Senegal, Ecuador and Angola would not be possible.

Students' Sagrada Familia’ (Ecuador) they thank you for helping rebuild their school

The Colegio Sagrada Familia is a school of primary and secondary run by the Servants of the Home of the Mother, which gives human and religious formation more than four hundred local children. In the earthquake 16 of April, after a week of torrential rains and flooding in Playa Prieta, the main school building collapsed, which it was totally destroyed everything I had inside.


Special twentieth anniversary Cooperates

Special twentieth anniversary of countries.

published 22 one. 2015 Thank you for these 20 years to make possible all those who work in different countries cooperate: expatriate workers, local workers, associations and local partners, institutions and local businesses, volunteers and project beneficiaries. Cultivating development


Project for psychosocial recovery of children affected by armed conflict in South Kivu (2013)
Children sing Primary School Cino

Project for psychosocial recovery of children affected by armed conflict in South Kivu and the protection of their rights. The project objective was to provide psychological support to children who have been born and raised in a context of traumatic situations: a war in which civilians and children are the main victims.

for granted…Congo

for granted… Congo is a photographic exhibition organized by the NGO Coopera. Luis Miguel Belvis images and objects that take us to the Democratic Republic of Congo. This exhibition is included in the cycle Look and Think Cooperates, A series of samples with which we want to bring everyone to the reality of the South and the work done in our projects.

Sexual violence done to minors in the R.D. del Congo

Radio spot on what to do in case of sexual assault, made under the Assistance Program for child victims of sexual assault in Congo.