Guard The Offal Pineda’ Gava-Mar (Barcelona) He inivitó to Cooperates ONGD to participate in their party prom. Thanks to the initiative of the Catalan nursery were able to buy crayons, stories, notebooks, insect screens, bottles, milk, hygiene products and other services of a center of these characteristics for little other guadería in Congo: Lwiro Nursery School. Every year, This children's center chooses the NGO project to be the beneficiary of your solidarity festival. In this case we chose us, to cooperates.

Kindergarten parents made their donations through the purchase of vouchers or solidarity inputs and their equivalents: with 1 euro bought a book or crayons; 2 euros, a puzzle; 3 euros, a mosquito net, 5 euros milk powder… and so 10, 15, 25, 50 euros. Each person chose the price I wanted to pay.

If you also belong to a school or school and want organizacemos a solidarity festival with the same idea of ​​solidarity vouchers, Contact us: /
Or give us a call 941 23 76 55 / 673 016 725