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  • Project's name: Comprehensive health system and preventive treatments accessible to the population suffering from NTDs (ETD)
  • Place of execution: 9 communities in the municipality of Tacuba, Ahuachapán, The Savior.
  • financier: Foundation honesty
  • Total budget: 69.000 euros
  • Local counterpart: ADIC. Partnership for Integral Development Community

The project area is located in the rural municipality of Tacuba -Department of Ahuachapán- comprising 9 communities of the cantons El Rosario and San Juan, both classified as extremely poor.

In these communities access to resources is limited, as more than 45% homes have dirt floors, more than 9% They have no access to health services, he 54% energized state and 27% no access to potable water. There is also a high level of overcrowding since population density is 199 inhabitants / km2. also, in these cantons you do not have access to municipal sanitation system because of the remoteness and the precariousness of the access roads. It is worth mentioning, the bedbug transmitting Chagas disease has an index of infestation 12%, while the STH affect the 81% of the population & oacute; n. There are also frequent outbreaks of dengue, zika and Chicungunya.

Implementing comprehensive health system will involve carrying out a series of actions as child controls to assess the health status 596 girls / os 0 a 14 year old; Blood sampling to find positive cases of Chagas disease, which will be referred to the Municipal Health Unit where you will receive appropriate treatment. training will be carried out 150 mothers and parents in disease prevention and planning meetings and campaigns solid waste collection will be made, fumigation, abatización and awareness and disease prevention measures. equipment is expected 5 schools with latrines, water filters and containers for proper waste management, to improve water quality and sanitation in schools and health training to a minimum 100 children from 7 a 14 years on the hygienic use of latrines and their importance to preserve good health, among other topics.

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