post-earthquake reconstruction of the Education Unit Home of the Mother.

Localización detailed: Prieta beach. Esmeraldas Province. Ecuador.

Budget: 100.000 €

Financing: private donations

Local partners:  Cooperates Ecuador and Missionary Groups Home of the Mother

direct beneficiaries: 400 or CHILDREN and LITTLE AS

indirect beneficiaries: 2.500

The Colegio Sagrada Familia is a school of primary and secondary run by the Servants of the Home of the Mother, which gives human and religious formation more than four hundred local children. In the earthquake 16 of April, after a week of torrential rains and flooding in Playa Prieta, the main school building collapsed, which it was totally destroyed everything I had inside.

The project for reconstruction of the school was carried out in two phases: 

1. Assembling temporary wooden classrooms to begin classes as soon as possible.

2. The ongoing construction of the school, classrooms, chapel, computer room, Assembly Hall, volunteer housing and housing the Servants of the Home of the Mother.

Total, the reconstruction works have included Initial lass classrooms first and second (which in Spain it is called Child), hood and roof of the court, the building computer, library, teachers room and bathrooms, bathrooms for high school students, the auditorium, the house of the Servants of the Home of the Mother, house volunteers and cobbled courtyard.

You can see images reconstruction.