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Development education / awareness / social projects

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Study to Build in Navarra. FINALIZED

School building Navarre . IN ACTION enlightened

Study Solidarity Olympics. Spain-Europa.ACTIVOenlightened

The ODS and the company Riojana. The Rioja. IN ACTIONenlightened

Watoto back to school. La Rioja-Navarra. FINALIZED

Cycle Watch and Think. ACTIVE enlightened

Get up and Goals. Spain-Europe UNDERWAYenlightened

You MARK YOU YOUR FUTURE. The Rioja. ACTIVE enlightened




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Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases among children 'talibé’ IN ACTIONenlightened

College Football DiemberingenlightenedACTIVE

Milk processing unit and mini-cheese RUNNING enlightened

School expansion 'Arc en Ciel'. IN ACTIONenlightened

Farm management La Ferme de Malicounda: Innovative micro-projects in the area ACTIVE enlightened

Strengthening the group of women producers in Saly Vélingara ACTIVE enlightened

Sustainable Development Project in Boundoukondi IN ACTION enlightened

Construction of the 'Garderie Arc en Ciel'. FINALIZED

Improving school nutrition with the launch of a pilot farm, FINALIZED

Access to primary education in Malicounda, FINALIZED

Support center to improve agricultural performance in Mbane, FINALIZED

Improved technical capabilities through agricultural training center Nianing, FINALIZED


click IN HERE to follow the projects currently Ukraine

It helps children and families at risk of exclusion. SOS Ukraine, ACTIVE enlightened

Tunisia click IN HERE to follow all the latest project in Tunisia

Establishment of a community radio station in Gafsa-Kasserine, IN ACTION enlightened

Mobile cultural center to support young people in Kasserine and Le Kef, FINALIZED



Follow IN HERE Currently all of our projects in Ecuador

Earthquake: School reconstruction Elios Doors, in Tabuga, FINALIZED

economic recovery in the Canton of San Vicente, FINALIZED

II Economic recovery in the Canton of San Vicente. IN ACTION enlightened

Earthquake: Colegio Sagrada Familia RECONSTRUCTION, Playa Prieta, FINALIZED

Emergency Aid-Ecuador Earthquake, FINALIZED

Emergency Post-Earthquake, FINALIZED

Jeferson Pérez school youth with disabilities, FINALIZED

food security 1.000 families through community farms, FINALIZED

R.D. del Congo

click IN HERE to follow all the latest projects in R.D. del Congo

Assistance program for child victims of sexual violence.ACTIVE enlightened

Other projects in the pa & iacute; s, ASSETS enlightenedenlightenedenlightened

Ecotourism Project in Lwiro, ACTIVE enlightened

reconstruction 14 schools, FINALIZED

Integral Education Center & oacute; n Lwiro, ACTIVEenlightened

Psychosocial support of children affected by armed conflict, ACTIVE enlightened

Strengthening the capacities of women in Kabare, ACTIVEenlightened

Sierra Leona click IN HERE to keep all these projects actualida d

Escuela After After, ACTIVE enlightened

Integration of children orphaned by Ebola, ACTIVE enlightened

Ivory Coast HEALTH

Action program against AIDS in Yamassoukro. IN ACTION enlightened

Walé Support Support Center medres and children affected by AIDS. IN ACTION enlightened

Youth center insert Niere, FINALIZED

Collection and delivery of drugs to the center Walé, in Yamassoukro, FINALIZED

Construction and equipping of medical social center Walé, FINALIZED

Implementation of a radiological unit in Walé, FINALIZED

The Savior HEALTH Comprehensive health system for people who suffer from Neglected Tropical Diseases


Project support for children and families in Tômbwa, ACTIVE enlightened

Schools in Cacuaco, FINALIZED

Support reception center for girls Our Lady of Sorrows, in Lubango, FINALIZED

JERUSALEM educación

School support Christian and Muslim Palestinian girls, ACTIVE enlightened

Nigeria educación

Expanding the vocational school Ikeja, FINALIZED

Kenya educación

Reconstruction of Kibera Primary School, Nairobi, FINALIZED


Early stimulation in Tarma, FINALIZED

Women's Cooperative in Tarma, FINALIZED

Creating a network of perinatal health center in Puno, FINALIZED

Uruguay HEALTH

Improving health m & eacute; indicates in the suburbs of Montevideo, FINALIZED



Wellness education for indigenous children Totomotxla, Oaxaca. FINALIZED

Access to clean and safe water for families Chinantla, in Oaxaca. FINALIZED

Sanitation and hygiene education in indigenous communities in Tequila, Veracruz. FINALIZED

Improved sanitation and hygiene in indigenous communities and Zapata Veracruz Xico, FINALIZED

Improving the educational infrastructure in the communities of Oaxaca, FINALIZED

Guatemala FOOD SECURITY / Education /

Give me a hand and your support bríndame (Emergency fire volcano) FINALIZED

Emergency response to the eruption of Volcano of Fire FINALIZED

Sustainable agriculture techniques in the Department of Suchitepequez, FINALIZED

Vocational Training Center 'Guadalupe', FINALIZED

Emporamiento and training of women in sustainable agriculture, FINALIZED


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