Improving health m & eacute; indicates in the suburbs of Montevideo. In the barrios of Los Pinos, The quarry, San Mart & iacute; n II and the Municipal district.


Socio local: ACT (Asociación Cultural y Social)

Objective: Improve attendance m & eacute; indicates the population & oacute; n maternal and child, offering assistance m & eacute; indicates, and increase the n STILL mere attendance or CHILDREN to guarder RIVER women and from school workshop.

Description: Enlargement & oacute; n equipment dispensary m & eacute; provider located between guarder & iacute; ay ENABLING central & oacute; n professional for women. Commissioning of the attention & oacute; n daily, campaign development BOY as preventive, information courses on pregnancy and maternity and plans VACCINATION & oacute; n. It has increased the capacity of attention & oacute; na LITTLE OS & aacute; areas of guarder & iacute; to, complement school, school workshop for women and has increased the capacity of attention & oacute; na LITTLE children and adults in the policl & iacute; nica.

Localización: Montevideo, Uruguay
Beneficiaries: 400 family
Budget: 359.014 €male
Execution time: 1997-1998
Financing: Government of La Rioja, ACT, Cooperates and Private Contributions

The aim of the Association cooperates and & oacute; n Cultural and T & eacute; technique of Montevideo was to improve the condition & oacute; n life of the population & oacute; n in the area covering its primary health needs, avoiding the high rate of infant mortality and ensuring better attention & oacute; n m & eacute; indicates adults.

During the project was extended & oacute; and equip & oacute; an office (CADI) intended for the care & oacute; n m & eacute; indicates and education & oacute; n or CHILDREN and women. In CADI offers attention & oacute; n asked á trica, medicina general y ginecología. Also & eacute; ace PLANNING & oacute;; n VACCINATION & oacute; n for LITTLE BOY n campaign will organize, and developed campaign CHILD preventive as against the S & oacute; Lera and other infectious diseases, as & iacute; as informative courses on pregnancy and motherhood.

With the enlargement & oacute; n could redistribute the space between the various activities carried out in CADI. In the new area is situ & oacute; the guarder & iacute; to, because it is so m & aacute; s demand and needed more space has, kitchens and service com STILL; n. Thus in existing buildings it has been able to improve the assistance policl & iacute; nica.

Is prim & oacute; the care & oacute; na NI CHILDREN order to achieve two complementary objectives:
– That parents may consider the b STILL Searching for a job or formation & oacute; n.
– The population & oacute; n child does not become & ldquo; Not CHILDREN Street & rdquo;, improving the formation & oacute; n and avoiding initial long-term street crime.

As a result of this improvement in the facilities of CADI in 1998 & oacute is inici; program Complement School activities: duties watched, English lessons & eacute; s, sports and extracurricular activities, non est & aacute; n contemplated in the curricula of the school p STILL Republic. These activities enable the track or CHILDREN and contact with their families remains. Adem & aacute; s NI CHILDREN attending these activities are given lunch and snack, aid very important couple families. The greatest contribution of these activities is to alienate the CHILD street children and allow their parents pick them up after work.