TITLE: School support Christian and Muslim Palestinian children in Jerusalem
SOCIO LOCAL: Spanish Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar
FINANCED: private funds

Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar Spanish program. Jerusalem

It is a school located in the Old City of Jerusalem works with Palestinian girls, Christian and Muslim, from poor families or unstructured: of poor parents, separated parents, in prisons for reasons of theft, road, tax evasion, policies, etc. Its director is the Spanish religious Marta Gallo: 'Children are suffering the most, and have the opportunity to come to school is a great gift for them. Since girls come through the door, there is joy, they play, enjoy the classes and activities, and also in a special way we take care of the retarded, slow in learning, and with different types of disabilities, including difficulty speaking. I always say that the school is a daily miracle, but really so '. Personnel status of girls is compounded by the socio-political situation and unstable climate that often permeates the Old Town. Read the latest communication here



The Eng school Our Lady of the Pillar of Jerusalem schooled some 200 LITTLE Palestinian as, Christian and Muslim, in situation & oacute; n very dif social RIVER easy, as it is orphaned, or children from broken families or children with mental or physical disability.  The project aims schooling and provide scholarships to students. The school offers education from preschool, elemental, secondary and tertiary, Ruled by Grade Plan of the Palestinian National Authority. taught languages (Arab, Hebrew, English and Castilian) and teaching Christian religion and / or Muslim.  In addition to schooling, It provides specialized support to families of girls and particularly their guardians. Develops cultural and sports programs and solidarity activities. 

The center is an example of integration. In that sense, The school develops activities aimed at promoting good relations between Christian and Muslim and tries to inculcate children values ​​interfaith solidarity, peace and coexistence. All this to achieve a more cohesive society, tolerant and fraternal.


Jerusalem and our work in the Holy City


Sobre Israel

Pa & iacute; s East Pr & oacute; maximum found in the southeastern shore of the Sea Mediterr & aacute; neo. It bordered on the north by the L & iacute; bathroom, on the east by Syria, Jordan, West Bank, the west by the Sea Mediterr & aacute; neo and the Gaza Strip, Egypt to the southwest and south to the Gulf of Aqaba, in the Red Sea.
With a population & oacute; n of about 7,59 millions of inhabitants, as & iacute; to which Jews are RIVER I, Israel is STILL unique Jewish State RIVER World. It also & eacute; n & aacute home; Muslim Arabs, Christians, Druze y Samaritan, as & iacute; as other religious groups and & eacute; ethnic minority.

La capital, seat of government and largest city pa & iacute; s is Jerusalem & eacute; n, the main economic center & oacute; Economic and Financial is located in Tel Aviv and is the largest industrial center Haifa.

About City of Jerusalem & eacute; n

It is considered a holy city for three of the major monotheistic religions & iacute; stas: the Judah RIVER smo, Christianity and Islam. The Old City of Jerusalem & eacute; n was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1981. Est & aacute; divided into four quarters, High to Low, neighborhood & aacute; rabe, Jewish neighborhood RIVER, the Christian Quarter, and the Armenian Quarter

It is the capital of Israel and its city m & aacute; s largest and most populous, with 773.000 residents of a & aacute; area of 125,1 kil & oacute; meters. Located in the Judean Hills, between sea Mediterr & aacute; neo and the north shore of the Dead Sea, It has spread pretty m & aacute; s all & aacute; the l RIVER limits of the Old City.

Today the city is home to almost half a mill & oacute; n Jewish population RIVER I, from which 180.000 are settlers in settlements in Jerusalem & eacute; n This. The people & aacute; Arab city added 200.000, the vast majority RIVER to which refused at the time of the annexation & oacute; n israel RIVER their territory to accept citizenship RIVER Israel RIVER in exchange for pledging allegiance to the Jewish state RIVER, indicating the majority refusal to accept the sovereignty RIVER Israel RIVER in the city. Today d & iacute; to live with permanent resident status which does not guarantee them the same rights as if they possessed the citizenship RIVER Israel RIVER.
The status of Jerusalem & eacute; n remains one of the key points of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict & iacute;.

The status of the eastern part of the city, conquered in 1967 por Israel, It is disputed, because in this sector commonly as Jerusalem -referred & eacute; n & eacute East or Jerusalem; n East, which includes the Old City- This is where the Palestinian Authority seeks to establish the capital of their future state.

Israel argues the Palestinian claims and, after War of the Six D & iacute; as, considers the city as a unified whole and the same municipality, declaring as its capital "eternal and indivisible’ Jerusalem by Law & eacute; n in 1980. This annexation & oacute; n is not recognized by most RIVER to the international community, and is CHILD to protest this unilateral action by the Member states of the United Nations eventually move their embassies to Tel Aviv.