Collection and WIDE SHIPPING medications or city m & eacute; doctor & lsquo; Wal & eacute;’ in the city of Yamassoukro



LOCATION & COLLISION AND ACCURATE: City Yamoussoukro, region & oacute; n de Los Lagos.

SOCIO LOCAL: ADESC (Association for Social and Cultural Development) and AIFUP (Association for Academic Training Professional el).

FINANCED: Government of La Rioja, College of Farmac & eacute; lithic, Riofarco, WHICH (Advisory M & eacute; International Physicians), Caja Rioja and other contributions

PERFORMING & Auto A: 2002

DESCRIPCIÓN: It LLEV & oacute; out a campaign LITTLE GIRL collecting medicines in pharmacies to allow customers to make donations and launched a solidarity fund for contributions econ & oacute; mica aimed at the acquisition & oacute; n of drugs in all branches of Caja Rioja. With the money collected has created a pharmacy which distributes drugs at affordable prices to the population & oacute; n Local, Pharmacy is self-sustaining in its GESTI & oacute; n of sale and no profit.

Ivory Coast drugs