LOCATION & COLLISION AND ACCURATE: Boundoucondi. City Hall Bandafasi.


FINANCING: private funds

This project implements activities in different areas, especially productive, working with groups of local people distitnos (Women's Association, school, farmers…). The aim is to achieve a sustainable development model, besides contributing to progress in the area, it can be replicated, later, in other places.

It has begun work on different areas, mainly agriculture and livestock. On one side, with the women's association has worked on creating gardens. Legume has been planted, gombo, vegetables; It has regenerated well and has become a tower to the water tank.

Another part of the development model includes the improvement of agricultural yields. Tools and machinery (tractor, threshing machines and seeder) They have been made available to farmers. To improve livestock has been purchased a stud bull and a goat.

Other actions in this area have been buying rabbits, goats and sacks of rice to improve alimemtación families. It has also imparted training in making preserves and jams.

Education could not be left in the sustainable development model proposed. Adecentar performances go through school and provide it with electricity, banks, computer, projector, books and movies and an area to the canteen. Another idea that will become operational is the provision of scholarships for school, especially for girls, in this way, would get delaying the age of marriage.


It has also begun to work with the population in health education. With the collaboration of local nurses is working in the production of colloidal silver (in its uses of wound healing and filtering water) and an antidiarrheal, inter Actions.

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.59.32Playing gum

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.19.00Shed cafeteria and shade next to school

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 14.02.10Holiday

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.18.09The goat

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.15.19Husked rice before the arrival of the machine

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.12.47The first tractor


WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.10.55 Water in the garden with solar pump

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.10.23The orchard

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.09.30Water near home


WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.09.02stud bull

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.08.08First harvest of the garden

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 12 at 13.56.09 Raising lambs for Tabaski, the annual feast of lamb