Project for promotional & oacute; n t & eacute; sustainable agriculture techniques for security and sovereignty RIVER food department to Suchitep & eacute; quez, en Guatemala



LOCATION & COLLISION AND ACCURATE: 7 communities in the province of Santo Domingo Suchitep em quez: La Lupita, Conrado de la Cruz, Monseñor Romero, Monte Gloria, Willy Wood, Santa Rita and Santa Cruz de Laredo.

SOCIO LOCAL: Association & oacute; n Women Mother Earth (AMT)

PERFORMING & Auto A: June – December 2010

FINANCING: Government of Galicia

DESCRIPCIÓN: They impart & aacute; formation & oacute; n to 30 RIVER promoters agr; tails, workshops with you & oacute; rich and pr á skeptics, and & eacute; hese in turn take & aacute; n the responsibility to train with eight other new promoters. They work & aacute; n 30 pilot plots for conservation & oacute; ny recovery & oacute; n soil, promoting fertilizaci & oacute; n org & aacute; nica. & Aacute be performed; the ENABLING & oacute; n institutional local counterpart AMT, meidante the formation & oacute; n in the project cycle, the SWOT, MANAGING & oacute; n time, etc.