costa de marfil

Brief information & oacute; n on pa & iacute; s:

Ivory Coast, capital Yamusukro
Ivory Coast (in franc é sy oficialmente R & eacute; C & Public OCIRC; d & rsquo thee Ivoire o sencillamente OCIRC C & d & rsquo thee Ivoire) It is a pa & iacute; s located in & aacute; West Africa with & aacute; area of 322.462 km². It borders Liberia and Guinea to the west; Mali and Burkina Faso to the north; Ghana al Este, y con el Golfo de Guinea al Sur. .

Its population & oacute; n is estimated 20 millions of inhabitants.

The name was given by French settlers because in the region & oacute; do the tusks of the African elephant; n extensive trade of this extra material is practiced RIVER. In 1960 & oacute is independiz; France which was the colony.

Ivory Coast has a population & oacute; n 18.000.000 population. Life expectancy is 49 años. The average number of children per woman is 4.43. The 50.9% of the population & oacute; n est & aacute; literate. It is estimated that the 7% of the population & oacute; n, almost 1.300.000 people, est & aacute; n infected with HIV virus (PAGE). The formation & oacute; ny attention & oacute; n m & eacute; indicates can change this situation & oacute; n.
They are spoken about 65 languages, although the official is the franc & eacute; s.

Since Ivory Coast has established itself as one of the pa & iacute; ses m & aacute; s pr & oacute; Speros of & aacute; West Africa, around the 20% of the population & oacute; n est & aacute; made up of workers from neighboring Liberia, Burkina Faso y Guinea. This has created a tension & oacute; n increasing in a CHILDREN recent, since most RIVER to these workers are Muslims while the population & oacute; n of native origin is largely Christian (principalmente católicos) and animist.
Between 2002 Y 2004 tuvo lugar una Guerra Civil en Costa de Marfil. Currently still living a situation & oacute; n tense of violence have been reported killings and rape & oacute; n of human rights after STILL ltimas & aacute democratic elections; tics December 2010, when two candidates were proclaimed winners.

Cooperates in Ivory Coast

From a CHILD 2001 Cooperates develops cooperation projects & oacute; n in this pa & iacute; s like CONSTRUCTION ny center equipment m & eacute; doctor Wal & eacute;, in the city of Yamoussoukro. The center provides care & oacute; n maternal and child, School Health, VACCINATION & oacute; n, Prevention & oacute; n, consultations and formation & oacute; n. Currently it est & aacute; developing a project through which is equipped & aacute; also & eacute; n a unit radiolog & iacute; ay ultrasound scan, unit RIVER to.