PAíS: R.D. CONGO LOCATION: Lwiro, Territorio de Kabare, Provincia de Kivu On.

SOCIO LOCAL: Research Centre for Natural Sciences Lwiro, NSRF.

Financiacion: AECID, Government of La Rioja and equity

PERFORMING & Auto A: 2010 – 2014

In 2009 Integral Education Center began Lwiro, CIEL. The intervention has scored three results: train almost 2.000 people for reinserci & oacute; n work (languages,informática, t & eacute; agr RIVER techniques; tails and livestock, etc.), sensitize the community about the problem of rape & oacute; n of human rights and the realization & oacute; n an average of 4 socio-cultural weekly for LITTLE events; os / as and adult. For all this he has the support of the CIEL team, formed mainly by researchers CRSN and the community to be & aacute; the main actor of this initiative. CIEL est & aacute; located a zone of armed conflict and of great interest & eacute; s geoestrat & eacute; logical. This Kabuzi next Biega National Park, with a wealth of biodiversity but, además, with many mining (coltan, casiterita) that appeal to different armed groups.

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