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Primary education

After having Bafodea

SECTOR: Education

COUNTRY: Sierra Leone EXACT LOCATION: En la provincia de After After Bafodea, one of the m & aacute areas; s disadvantaged pa & iacute; s.


FINANCIACIÓN: Equity 50.000 annual euros

PERFORMING & Auto A: Since 2012

DESCRIPCIÓN: Sierra Leone is one of the pa & iacute; ses m & aacute; s poorest in the world. Ranked 180 in RIVER Human Development Index (HDI) a total of 187 pa & iacute; its. The 20% of CHILD before I die 5 to CHILDREN aged by desnutrici & oacute; ny other diseases.

eudcacion sierra leone

With these data in hand, the cooperating Marcos Portillo de Armenteras - with proven experience in the field - is overseeing the "Wara Wara The Community Schools Project" in one of the poorest areas of the country. No paved roads, or coverage for M & oacute; vile or Internet access. Hospitals are a chimera; the population & oacute; n is staffed by two nurses and a param & eacute; doctor.

The province has Wara Wara Bafodea 30.000 inhabitants scattered in a 150 villages. The 63% of the population & oacute; n de vive con menos 1,25 dólares al día. The government fails to meet school needs, so that 16 of the 31 area schools have been developed by the villagers themselves.

The project objective is to promote 8 of the 16 Community schools THROUGH eacute; s & oacute the mobilization, social n and the use of local resources in order to improve their material conditions, acad & eacute; micas and health. Also & eacute; n is intended to increase and strengthen the presence of teachers in schools, as the role of women est & aacute; relegated to the background.