LOCATION & COLLISION AND ACCURATE: Kavumu, a 7 km de Lwiro, Democratic Republic of Congo

SECTOR: Psychosocial

FINANCING: It is currently financed by own funds

2015: City of Achievement CHILD, City of Miguelturra (Real city) through the NGO Smiles and Mountains

2016  Basque Agency for Development Cooperation

PERIOD: Since 2014 to present

The Medical Assistance Program and Psychological Child Victims of Sexual Violence was born in response to a wave of horrific sexual assaults against girls, even under 2 años, in R.D. del Congo.


In the R.D. del Congo, sexual violence against women has always used systematically. But nevertheless, late 2013, a wave of violations of girls under 10 años, sowed alarm throughout the community. When these Araches began to occur continuously and uncontrolled, our fellow Cooperates in Congo, Lorena e Sea, recibieronuna request assistance from civil society and they reacted quickly launching emergency humanitarian action. He had to urgently address these girls who needed, In the first moment, operations and medical care, and psychological assistance. Next came other needs that had to be implemented.

Since 2014, Cooperates this program develops specialized in victims of sexual violence under 2 a 17 años, in rural areas Kalehe and Kabare. Today's date, sad to say but the program has registered a hundred girls assaulted in a small area of ​​operation.

Victims are girls sometimes so small that they can hardly resist these sexual abuses and, often, require very complicated surgery. Their families live below the poverty threshold and can not offer girls the medical care they need. Most of the time to avoid stigmatizing abuse and / or rape of girls hide and do not reach the hospital. Some of them have already died.

This project is being financed, at present, private contributions and resources of the NGO Coopera.

The 19 March 2017 BTT organized solidarity, 'The V Marcha Carlos Coloma with Coopera’ that secured funding for the project.

In April 2017, workers drugmaker Lundbeck been selected to support this program in its annual fundraising campaign.

But the program still needs contributions. Helping girls can not stagnate.

If you also care about the welfare of these innocent small, you can collaborate with your contribution:

La Caixa: ES2921002374120200054041

En www.cooperaong.org (DONA or BECOME A MEMBER)


What it is the 'possible' explanation for so much violence and cruelty against minors?

Several hypotheses are shuffled, but it seems to be a mystical and magical beliefs. Today warlocks are still very many in the R.D. Congo and, often, decisions and gossips have great weight among the population. Rapists use the blood of small amulets for good luck. They believe that in this way it will be easier to find a job. They also think that to be invisible bullets, that is to say, they carried over their bodies without harming. And that diseases such as AIDS will be transferred to girls and executioners will be cured.

The 'modus operandi is always the same: Abduct girls from their homes overnight, the they violated and returned covered in blood. Relatives said he had not heard. Then they took the girls to the nearest hospital, the General Reference Hospital Kavumu, where they gave the first consistent attention to stop bleeding, applying Kit prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, antibiotics to prevent possible infections and soothing. Once there, They were transferred to Panzi Hospital, Renowned worldwide for its Fistula Program and reconstruction of women victims of sexual violence. In Panzi girls were admitted for several months depending on the severity of injuries. Once given the high, girls returned home where another nightmare began, one stigmatized life, without support and understanding.

For each new victim immediately Cooperates provides medical and psychological care. Then the victim is protected by the following actions:

  • medical monitoring in the area where they live until one year after the incident.
  • Psychological group therapy with children of the same age.
  • Education or vocational training, depending on the age, for at least three years.
  • psychosocial support to families of victims.
  • Prevention through support for joint patrols local civilians and police created to protect overnight.
  • Prevention through awareness messages on radio local and broadcast media to draw attention of the international community on this issue.
  • The program has also sought legal aid for victims.
  • Empowering the role of mothers through the accompaniment of the sick, an activity that has proven to be extremely innovative in the area and acclaimed by beneficiaries. (It is paid to the mother the day / days lost from work, so you can be with her daughter without prejudice to not feed the rest of the children).

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sexual assault and black magic: In some areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo proliferate violations virgins to use their blood as a source of glory and power

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The Congo is one of the five worst countries in the world to be born a woman‘: 'Congolese women are wonderful; I've never met others like them, says this psychologist devoted to the health of girls under 12 years sexually assaulted.

All this work, everything we have achieved our partners in Congo, He has not been free of obstacles.

The field of sexual violence in Congo is very difficult to handle both so sensitive the issue for society in general, and the consequences that entails for the victim, who in addition to the assault, You may suffer stigmatization and discrimination complete family.

Cooperates program has influenced a lot in that aspect and indeed some measures as pudieraon in marcjha with training in a therapy model specifically designed for child victims 18 years divided by age categories.

Much remains to be done in this area and is already thinking of implementing a program to Combat Child Sexual Violence in the DRC that seeks to improve the quality of life after rape, plus course is- prevent.

Interview Lorena Aguirre

Interview with Lorena Aguirre, Program Director Assistance to Children and Director of Cooperate in R.D. del Congo