Action program against AIDS for poor people in the downtown area of ​​Côte d'Ivoire, with special attention to avoid infection from mother to child

Localización: Yamoussoukro, Aries, Ivory Coast

Local partners: Centro Médico Wale

Budget: 18.000 euros

cofinanced: Caja Navarra

Execution: January to December 2018

total beneficiaries: 46.000. direct 6.000, most of whom are mothers with low incomes and their families (40.000 indirect). Patients will be Walé Social Medical Center. Most are pregnant women and young mothers and their children, Residents in the neighborhood where they live Dioulabougou migrant Dioula.

The project, Social Walé Medical Center may improve the care of AIDS patients and allow these receive proper treatment. Wale, to be a reference center in the treatment of AIDS patients in the central region, receive free Health Ministry antiretrovirals and kits necessary for the detection of AIDS. But many patients need additional tests and medications that are not provided by the Ministry. What makes patients without resources can not continue the treatments or perform the appropriate examinations.

A special case is the newborn children of HIV-positive mothers. These should not receive breast milk for the risk of contagion. But infant formula is very expensive and many mothers can not cope with this expense. Walé intends to buy infant formula for these newborns.

Social Walé Medical Center is a medical center health care aimed at facilitating primary health coverage to the poor in the region of Yamoussoukro. It opened in the year 2004 with support from the Government of La Rioja, and since then performs work without interruption entire population of the district mainly Dioulabougou, in Yamoussoukro. Provides maternal and child, nutrition program, Care progam AIDS disease, with ultrasound services yradiología. In the regional public hospital they are often not served, queeconómicamente besides s not and they can afford. In Walé everyone is catered,irrespective of religion, race, sex and economic status, and it seeks to get people well atodas.