Full Name project: training health professionals enfemería for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in children Talibé

Localización: Saint Louis, Senegal

Cofinanciador: Caja Navarra

cooperation partner: Itwillbe

Budget: 24.924 euros

counterpart: Maison de la Gare

Timeframe: March to December 2019

direct beneficiaries: 1.100 Talibé children from 4 Y 12 They are living in conditions of semi-slavery in Koranic schools in Saint-Louis, without health care.

Overall objective: Improve the health status of children talibé Saint-Louis. Restore dignity to these children suffering from cutaneous stigmata of infectious diseases.

This project arises from the urgent need to address the more than 50.000 ni & ntilde; the, called talibé, which currently they are forced to beg in the streets of different cities in Senegal, but especially in Saint-Louis and Dakar. Children, since the 4 años, even patients are forced to beg endless hours and travel long distances to get money, rice or sugar. Not complete the daily quota religious tutors and de facto, their masters, called marabouts, They are punished physically and psychologically. Talibé these children are victims of mafia networks trafficking that exist in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea, protected by tradition, lax enforcement of the law and a stickler view of religion, captan children in rural areas, in lower social strata. The move to cities and are serving marabou, which employs as a source of income. Are therefore isolated, socially excluded, in an incompressible legal limbo in Western countries but real in West Africa, outside the census and out of access to education and basic health care. They live in Daaras, Koranic schools far from their homes, unsanitary and unacceptable conditions, herded without access to safe drinking water and latrines.

These living conditions violate all international conventions on respect for the Rights of the Child, Senegal is a signatory. But beyond signed, the reality is illiteracy, social isolation, the desnutrition, The diseases, physical abuse and in many cases, trafficking and organ. They are worrying health crises, especially the spread of infectious diseases digestive, respiratory and skin of many types, especially scabies, which it is the pathology that most affects children in Senegal talibé right now; at least 5000 Children in the city of Saint-Louis suffer. It causes a mite that parasitize the skin causing intense pain, rheumatic fever, nephritis, septicemia, besides other secondary diseases, than, untreated decompensate the body and cause death. To control it is necessary to maintain adequate sanitation and hygiene in children and their environment, which does not happen. The marabouts do not refer sick children to hospitals, citing lack of means, of confidence in the healthcare industry or knowledge. Many do not admit even the existence of pathogens and explain all evils through religion.

House Station
It is a shelter where children can find peace talibé, clean up and recover from the situation of street. It is a national and international reference, It is working with more than two thousand talibés children in Saint Louis month. Its director received from the Secretary of State of the American Government, John Kerry World Hero Award Against Trafficking in Persons, in Washington, year 2016

In the pictures, a Daara appearance and a bedroom talibes’ inside