An earthquake 7,8 magnitude on the Richter scale caused Saturday 16 April 2006, but 500 killed and over 2.500 wounded in the tropical northern Ecuador, He reported the South American country's vice president, Jorge Glas. According to Vice President, there had been 189 aftershocks of varying intensity earthquake, which occurred at 18.58 local time on Saturday (23.58 GMT), between the coastal resorts of Cojimíes and Pedernales, in the province of Manabi and Esmeraldas bordering neighboring. After the disaster, the Ecuadorian government declared a state of emergency in the provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabi, Guayas, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Rivers and Santa Elena, and the state of emergency throughout the country.

Team members COOPERA ECUADOR survived the earthquake, Amparo director René and in coordination with local authorities are working for school reconstruction and houses. Basic emergency assistance is already arriving and is moving from all parts of the country, from neighboring countries and from the European Union and Spain.

Thousands of people sleep on the street, We need to rebuild houses and schools urgently. Coordinated with the Provincial Government of Manabi,  We have asked for help for rebuilding houses and schools in the Canton de Portoviejo and Pedernales.

From Cooperates we have started an emergency campaign for this purpose: WE NEED YOUR HELP. Your collaboration is essential, Cooperates Ecuador in coordination with local authorities and we will channel this support for the impending reconstruction of the homes of many people who are now on the streets and schools in the area.

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