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With new improvements in the law of patronage, from east CHILD all donors, partners, godparents or any person who makes contributions to an NGO this will provide aacute; higher profits in its Statement & oacute; n de la Renta (Income Tax). With this change deductions for donors, hitherto the 25%, they can become, in 2015, of a 50% for the first 150 € donated and, in the following CHILDREN, of a 75%. Así, this may be a good time to make partner cooperates or increase your quota. In the attached document pod & eacute; is find the information & oacute; n about.

Needless to say that NGO Coopera always need the help of our partners, sponsors and occasional donors. There are always ongoing projects and new projects that arise in the country RIVER countries where we work, projects that were not covered by our PLANNING & oacute; n but annual arising before our eyes and we feel the obligation & oacute; n to address moral. A recent case is the CHILD as raped in Congo, a terrible thing which I have spoken in the past.

It is in these types of cases, which usually are called aid projects or aid emergia- It cooperates when needs to mobilize private funds to provide urgent and timely response to these people. They are people who live every d & iacute; to our expatriates, who are directly affected in a sudden moment of their lives. This may come for any reason m & aacute; s unsuspected, from a cat & aacute; naturally strofe a wave of violence for political reasons RIVER Ticos…etc.

That is why we always need to have own resources that are none other than those provided for you: partners, sponsors and donors point.

Our way of Thank & eacute; roslo is to make good use of these resources and the answer you STILL only way we know: with a job well done and informing everything we do.
At this particular time we thought it important that I met & eacute; rais This notification; n interesting for everyone. For you already are partners or sponsors, because these tax benefits may encourage you to increase the quota or usual contribution. Those who still you are not partners, because maybe this medidad encourage you to join us in the great family of Coopera or to support our projects contributing a timely contribution.

The higher your support, get help & aacute; to m & aacute; s people.

Fiscal benefits