There are many forms of collaboration between companies and NGOs, through sponsorship and Monetary donations, to solidarity initiatives in which employees themselves are involved. Through formulas encompassed in what, in the world of CSR, It is known as Matching Gift, employees can easily support the NGO project by donating a fixed amount of their payroll (regular inputs or rounding down).

As an example, Laboratory workers Lundbeck Spain S.A. you have selected a project Cooperates ONGD ( 'Assistance to victims of sexual violence in R.D. Congo '), to support it in its annual fundraising campaign.

In this case, although the company is responsible for convening the campaign, and manage the donation of funds, are the employees themselves who propose solidarity projects that support; and after an internal vote, is chosen by a majority one which will work for one year by donating monthly fixed deducted from their payroll amount. Read more about this initiative

Thanks to such simple initiatives like this, NGOs can continue to run social projects and humanitarian aid.

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