Five years, Champion Carlos Coloma organizes solidarity march with us this is achieved in raising funds for our projects. In 2017 It has supported a project of medical and psychological assistance to victims of sexual violence in R.D. del Congo. The organization of this event would not be possible without the support of all sponsors, without the expertise of the entire team of Coloma Bike Club the collaboration of at least 50 Cooperates volunteers ONGD.

If you also want to sponsor or participate in any way in this charity event, Contact: /
Or give us a call 941 23 76 55 / 673 016 725

You can see last race results, V Marcha BTT cooperates with Carlos Coloma, held last 19 March 2017 in Achievement CHILD, in a very special year for Carlos Coloma after having obtained the Bronze Medal at the Olympics in Brazil 2016.