the ODS, ICT and the Riojan Company is a project that continues the work of information and implementation of the ODS in the Riojan company that began in a previous edition with the project The ODS and the Riojan Company. Now we come to more entities, deepening the activities and influence of ICT for the development of the SDGs.

The cooperation of entities, NGO and administration is essential to achieve the SDGs. With this project, sponsored by the Government of La Rioja with 11.960 €, we have reached many people and involved companies in achieving the Agenda 2030, offering them a digital platform that adapts to their characteristics and helps them in the implementation of their social responsibility and the SDGs.

Since October 2018 and for a year, we have developed different activities in companies: exhibitions, talks, storytelling and a conference aimed at companies.


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Up to a total of 20 interventions with pieces from our exhibitions “Watch and Think” we have carried out throughout this project in a total of 19 establishments: Spa Mercedes, Aguado Gallery, Hemafix, La Rioja Marketing Club and 15 Logroño pharmacies and others 7 Riojan towns. An effort that has been worthwhile to bring the professionals of all these companies closer to what they are and how they can implement the SDGs in their daily activities. We have done it through photographs and objects that bring us closer to the reality of the women and children of Africa.

Talks and Storytelling

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IMMACULADA PARDO LA ESTRELLA 6See video project in pharmacies

We have given information and small talks in all the companies participating in the project. Also a storytelling at the Spa Mercedes aimed at workers, clients and families. A presentation and guided tour of the Toys exhibition held at the Aguado de Logroño art center. These activities were staged by Luis Miguel Belvis, photographer author of many of the images that we have seen in the project and cooperator. With these initiatives we have managed to bring a more general and also younger public closer to cooperation and the SDGs, through companies, as unusual scenery.


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The 6 June at the headquarters of the Marketing Club of Logroño we offered a conference aimed at companies. The theme was responsible business and link to the Sustainable Development Goals, social and business impact. The presentation was given by the director of Coopera and Yolanda Glauser, who also offered the first presentation. Later, Mirian Garcia from SDI and Leticia Villegas from Bodegas Familia Martínez Bujanda spoke., as representatives of responsible companies and telling us about their experience in this regard. Finally, a very interesting debate was opened with the participation of the attending professionals, which closed by sharing the solidarity wine of Viña Bujanda “Conparte”, courtesy of this winery. We thank the Marketing Club for their collaboration in this event and the exhibition that was held in parallel to it. This activity also had the advice of Iñaki Díaz, cooperation and SDG specialist.