The Bilbainada is a typical musical sort of Biscay which is spoken mainly about Bilbao and nearby towns. Since 1988 Nervión Radio takes realizing a centered on the music contest in which a number of Bilbainadas are presented and best song of the contest awards. In each edition is elected to an NGO or association to which part of the entry is donated, This year the donation was to cooperate and to project specifically Congo. Song small “lions” He was present at the ceremony and is part of the CD with the themes of this year.
From Cooperates we thank wholeheartedly the initiative and the interest and support we have received of others and especially people who are giving us their support individually and anonymous. To all of them THANKS, with your support we will continue working in R. D. Congo and the boys “Lions of the congo”.

Last 28 December was held in Bilbao a new edition of the “You bilbainadas” organized by Radio Nervion. The event was attended by NGO Coopera, He is receiving the grant from the input to destinaráintegramente R. D. of Congo. At the ceremony the president of Coopera David Chimeno and Lorena Aguirre participated, Coopera project manager at R. D. of Congo.
Video of “Lions Congo” He was present at the ceremony and is part of C.D. that has been published this year with bilbainadas.