We are one Development NGO formed by a team of people with different political thought, religious and cultural, with extensive professional experience both in the Third Sector and in other areas of the business world.

The positions of this Board of Directors were elected in the March 2019

Luis Miguel Belvis. President.

Logroño, 1968.

Professional technician in the industrial field, Luis Miguel Belvis is a great traveler who has developed numerous projects in different countries through intense volunteering. In his role as a cooperator, he has actively worked with the local communities of Peru., Mexico and Angola in different educational projects. One of her passions is photography and in Senegal, R. D. del Congo, Ukraine and Jerusalem, in addition to his volunteer work, has documented the reality of these areas through its objective.

He is the promoter of the Coopera “Look and Think” initiative, that contributes to the awareness of society with exhibitions of photographs and objects from the aforementioned countries. Their images, his fun and surprising talks and his inexhaustible creativity are the key to the success of “Mira y Piensa” since 2003.

Yolanda C. Glauser. Marketing-Communication, Corporate Alliances (RSE) and Volunteering.

I have grown up in various countries, which has taught me to adapt to practically any environment and circumstance. From very young, I have felt a vocation for the world of cooperation and solidarity, However, I have developed my professional career in the multinational environment in Marketing and Public Relations departments, in Spain and England. After 20 years in the world of private business, I decided it was time to dedicate myself to what I really like, Cooperation combined with my experience and knowledge of the world of marketing and communication, thus launching myself into the adventure of independent consulting, from where I can contribute my grain of sand to the third sector and be part of social change. Currently I am training day by day to find the formula that makes private companies aware of the importance of being in solidarity..

I studied Marketing and Public Relations at the National Institute of specialized techniques, Later I studied a Master in Digital Marketing Strategy, from ESDEN and postgraduate degree in Technical Cooperation Projects from the UOC. I am still in continuous training, Well I think there is always something new to learn!

David Chimeno. Coordinator.

Madrid 1964.

Bachelor of Economic and Business Sciences from UPV-Sarrico and Master of Innovation and Leadership from ESADE

5 years of experience as a teacher, manager and consultant in more than 21 companies in La Rioja and Euskadi.

Founder of Coopera en 1994 and currently director of the organization.

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With training in the General Management Program (CEO), IESE and Diploma in Teaching, Marisa Pascual has been a manager and executive in a company and since 1996 has specialized in personal and professional training for managers, athletes and students. Through emotional intelligence and coaching, people are able to get the best of themselves and improve their quality of life..

"When you have the experience of leading people and you train in emotional intelligence and coaching techniques, you are prepared to train managers so that they are capable of achieving results through their collaborators."