What is "You set your future"?

It is a project for unemployed women (preferably long lasting). With it offered tools to achieve self-esteem and skills to cope with job search (or self-employment) in the best conditions and maximizing the skills and attitudes of beneficiaries.

Getting a job is a social and cultural expectation acquired since childhood and reinforced at school and the nearby environment. Unemployment and insecurity cause a devaluation against the other, especially the family and create contacts break with the social environment and labor.

Most of the unemployed population in La Rioja and Navarra have always been women, además, they generally have the least stable and most precarious jobs.

The current situation due to the Covid-19 health crisis only makes this situation worse., as indicated in the last report on the subject prepared by UGT. Gender labor inequalities and even the gap in the amount of benefits that men and women receive have worsened.

The coronavirus crisis has revealed the lack of protection of women in the labor market, when it was precisely them, mostly, those that have supported this country in the sectors of first need and in the care of family members.

Advancing for more and better jobs for women, higher wages and better social and labor protection for their benefit will be the most determining factor for our country to recover faster, efficient and without leaving anyone behind.

Image of the information that appeared in the media and the report that can be downloaded here.



The students in this town who participated in the course supported by Obra Social La Caixa in 2017 They have established links and continue to meet and exchange information. “Every morning the course gave us energy " Susana tells us, one of the participants.

Themselves and encouraged a self-esteem and assertiveness talk to other women in the village. about 50 % of course attendees supported by La Caixa has been employed.

Albelda 28052018
Grupo de ex alumnas "Tú marcas tu futuro" with the forming of E-mocionado (third from the left).

With E-mocionado, a great team of professional psychology and coaching, specialized in emotional intelligence and socio-emotional management skills founded in 2010. (more about them: http://emocionado.es/).

With the city councils of the towns where the courses and departments of social services are developed. With them we define actions in each locality: calendar, will benefit profile, content, conciliation…

active project (May 2019-April 2020):

You set your future in Navarra

Training unemployed women in rural areas of Navarra and the creation of a mobile application for users of this area.

Total project budget: 37.850 €

Funded by Social Innova (Fundación La Caixa and Caja Navarra): 30.243 € / Financing: Cooperates funds

direct beneficiaries: 70 students courses, 500-1000 mobile application users.

Training in Los Arcos (October 2019), Viana (February 2020), Mendavia (March 2020) and Estella (postponed by health alert)

contents: Attitudes to job search, self-esteem and assertiveness, job search, personal organization, coaching staff and group improvement. After the students have a personalized follow-up thank our trainers and mobile application makes you your future still offering answers and opportunities for training and employment.

If you are interested in any of these formations can contact us at info@cooperaong.org

app you mark your futureDownload our free app and brand future you

developed 2019

-October: Albelda de Iregua training.

Total project budget: 3.000 €

Financier La Caixa (branch office 5571), Cooperates contribution ONGD

-November: Training Cultural Center Ibercaja Logroño.

Total project budget: 4.500 €

financier: Ibercaja Social Work, City of Achievement CHILD, Cooperates contribution ONGD


From 2013 a 2018 in Achievement CHILD 

-Place: Ibercaja Cultural Center

-courses: 7

-direct beneficiaries: 140 women

-indirect beneficiaries: 700 family members

-Sponsors: Ibercaja and City Council of Logroño


2017 (between February and October)

-locations: Navarrete, Rincón de Soto, Albelda, Murillo, Santo Domingo

-courses: 5 (1 by Location)

-direct beneficiaries: 83 women

-indirect beneficiaries: 400 family members

-Sponsor: La Caixa Social Work

We want to expand our project and reach many more women and in the future we would also like to extend this training to young men and unemployed.

So we continue to work on our content and experience through valuations surveys we conducted interviews with students and social workers.