Through the campaign 'The Value of Helping’ We give visibility to companies who wish to support our work with their financial contribution. Link your company with values ​​of Solidarity and Social Responsibility & has a huge importance in the value chain of other organizations, suppliers and customers. It generates a great effect multiply and, definitely, a competitive advantage for the company.

But besides this, for a company, the donation has tax advantages in Corporate Tax

Thanks to recent improvements in Patronage Act, Cooperates as donor ONGD (entity host the special tax regime of Law 49/2002), a company will get more tax benefits in the presentation of tax companies for the year 2017 and successive, If you make a donation to cooperate or sign up with us a cooperation agreement.

The collaboration of companies with Cooperates can be articulated through a cooperation agreement or through donation form.

Table deductions on corporate income tax donationIt is Cooperates ONGD

Corporation tax Exercise 2017 And next
General donations 40%
multiyear grants. If you have donated to NGO Coopera equal or greater value to 150 € for at least the two previous years 45%
Based deduction limit liquitable 10%
Signing of Agreement with the NGO Coopera. The amounts paid under the cooperation agreement, the expenses are deductible without any limit for determining the tax base of the collaborating entity IS. 100%


Get your solidarity stamp.
Get your solidarity stamp.


If you do not know what causes allocate their financial contribution, You can view our projects on this page or write to We will inform you of the projects that have urgent needs. All help is welcome and nothing is small, As much as it seems.

There are many forms of collaboration between companies and NGOs, through sponsorship and Monetary donations, up employee initiatives through formulas encompassed in what, in the world of CSR, It is known as Matching gift. Here you can read an example of such collaboration, by Lundbeck Laboratories employees.

Fiscal benefits

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