In an area as Gafsa-Kasserine, located on the border with Algeria, where terrorism remains active and which are constant and radical extremist messages, Cooperates launches community radio intended as a tool to counter the radical message and prevent cale between the Tunisian youth.

Kasserine is one of the poorest cities in the country and youth are the most affected. High rates of unemployment and delicate political and social situation wreak havoc among young people, disaffected and discouraged by lack of opportunities and expectations for the future, become easy prey to be captured by jihadist groups.

Our project aims to excite these young Kasserine offering them a 'speaker', a channel of self-expression where discuss their concerns and their rights and freedoms; but always in a context of moderation, defense of democratic culture, gender equality and individual freedoms. And it is that this radio programs are aimed at spreading the values ​​of democracy and human rights, harmony and tolerance, all values ​​contrary to all violent extremism form.

We want the radio to become the speaker of young Kasserine, something that excites them and also contribute to their personal and professional development. For that, they were formed technically and intellectually in the management of the radio station and content creation: how a radio program is made, What is a rule of law, how to counteract violent extremist message, What is the role granted by law to women in society, etc.

About 50 young people between 15 Y 35 years will be trained in three aspects: Technical formation, to learn the management and operation of the equipment of the station itself; training communication techniques to prepare the content know (language, genres and radio formats, ethics and public opinion, debate and entertainment ...) and training in citizenship. This point is very important in the project as it is to impart knowledge to young people understand and reflect on the thematic lines of the project. To do this you will be informed about the existence of documents such as the National Action Plan to combat terrorism; on the study of factors that lead to radicalism and violent extremism; on the role of young people in prevention.

These workshops will also be taught skills to promote youth inclusion in the critical thinking skills and improving self-esteem local and regional labor market and the perception of themselves, in order to convert them less vulnerable to possible attempts to be captured by terrorists and radicals present in the area.

At project completion, Kasserine youth station will have a radio installed and running, made by and for them, in which they may issue their own content over the Internet. They will be able to devise, to plan, produce and disseminate weekly radio and share content on social networks, web platforms or other alternative means. The idea is that these programs have an integrative character, moderate and inclusive and publicize and promote the democratic values ​​of the Tunisian constitution and especially carry out innovative actions to mitigate the extremist message.

Cooperates in Tunisia

Cooperates perform this project in collaboration with two local associations – Ahlem et Toufoula y Fondation Ahmed Tlili- They are working for culture and democracy, and co-financed by the European Union through UNICRI (Interregional United Nations Institute for Research on Crime and Justice).

This is the second project starts cooperating in Tunisia. First, It has recently completed, It was to operate a mobile multidisciplinary cultural unity from which workshops were promoted, local musical performances and other cultural and artistic expression youth activities Axis Kasserine and Le -Kef.  Also in this project it Cooperates intended to counter violent extremist message, in this case it is using as the main argument culture and art.

Listen to her interview with Pablo Rodriguez, Head of Mission in Tunisia, in the 'Africa Today' program National Radio.