This project support College Football Diembering It seeks to understand the ability of young people and attract them to sports culture in order to prepare them for the future.

Diembering is a city of Senegal, located in the department of Oussouye, a subdivision of the region of Ziguinchor in the historical region of Casamance, at South of that country. It consists on the dunes. It is one of the cities where people speak kwatay, a dialect of the language Diola.

In principle Diembering was a fishing town, and it is largely; but tourism has opened other perspectives to the city. Nowadays, the fate of many children is the dropout and insertion in groups or gangs where bad habits are the predominant. Alcohol intake is very high in general throughout the population, but include the vulnerability of younger people.

Under the slogan CHANGE ALCOHOL BY A BALL, the PROYECO uses sport as a tool to prevent alcohol use among young people, It is a great initiative that offers a training program on life skills to improve the inclusion of young people at risk and reduce antisocial behavior. Teaching skills used to strengthen the adaptive and positive behavior, and address risk factors related to violence, crime and drug use.


Project Coordinator: Amaia Alonso 650716430 /

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