Logroño, 5 March 2019.- The Mayor of Logroño, Cuca Gamarra, He has received the representation of the NGO Coopera on the occasion of the celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary. At the meeting, Cooperates submitted a summary of the work done, our future challenges and the program of events planned to commemorate this anniversary, that happen along the 2019 and culmirán in October, date on which it was officially constituted Cooperates See here for planned events 25 anniversary.

Specifically the streets of the city of Logroño will be our next stage of work, a special exhibition to commemorate the 25 '25 years anniversary, 25 images'. An original and impactful work different parts of the city that will surprise and visitors logroñeses. We want to share images of our projects and engage in this society we were born.

Cooperates headquarters ONGD is located in the city of Logroño and in recent years has expanded its network Cooperates work by opening offices or branches in the Basque Country, Navarre, Madrid and Barcelona, internationally, en Senegal, R.D. del Congo, Ecuador and Tunisia.

In the field of international cooperation, He has worked and continues to work in several countries in Africa and especially South America, always promote education as a tool of progress and women as an engine of change. In fact, most of our beneficiaries are children and women. Cooperates director, David Chimeno, stressed that the 60 percent Cooperates work focuses on Africa, because it is the most complicated continent and needs more support today. Among the initiatives undertaken at this stage Chimeno has highlighted the comprehensive assistance program aimed at girls and women victims of sexual violence in R.D. del Congo, and the proposed intervention with adolescents at risk of radicalization on the border between Tunisia and Algeria, an area and an area in which no work other cooperation entities.

Chimeno also stressed that, since its inception, He cooperates opted for educational projects and then has expanded its scope with social projects and awareness aimed at society riojana. Así, in 2013, Cooperates entered the branch of social projects aimed Rioja partnership with a training program for unemployed women that takes place throughout the years Logroño La Rioja and other locations.

In La Rioja and Spain Cooperates works primarily social awareness and education for development. Our exhibitions cycle Watch and Think rooms have traveled all La Rioja and much of Spain, especially the Basque Country and Navarra, and Portugal. The success of this activity lies in the way they transmit through an innovative staging of each job. Moreover, each to CHILD, young riojanos, Spanish and other 13 nationalities participate in our flagship project, the Study Solidarity Olympics, youth awareness activity that was born in 2002 in the city of Logroño and today is an international project supported by UNESCO. In these 16 años, the Olympics has become a genuine solidarity revolution that transcends borders. In the last edition, plus 45.000 j & oacute; YOUNG AND 400 study centers 13 countries have joined this project riojano awareness stamp, which leads from the office Cooperates in Logroño.

Finally, in the field of international volunteering, Cooperates has facilitated young people and families with their teens to participate in volunteer programs in Africa and South America, especially in the Solidarity Family Camp organized every summer in Senegal.

Rioja was founded NGO Coopera ago 25 years, as an association without political or religious link- by a group of university students and young professionals determined to change the world with their innovative ideas. In these 25 years there have been many projects and work done, but 'we would never have come this far without the support of our partners, sponsors, counterparts, collaborators and especially without the help of all the volunteers who support us in solidarity activities we organize’ Chiemno he stressed.







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