tu marcas tu futuro

You mark your future WOMAN. Training for unemployed women. With this initiative that is included among the social projects of Coopera, women are provided with the necessary tools to be able to integrate into the world of work with the best guarantees through self-esteem and personal organization. + information

You mark your future YOUNG. Social projects for training for unemployed youth. Instruments and contents are offered for the orientation and labor insertion of young people.

ACTIVATE. active aging.


We have increased life expectancy, but not the increase of life in good health. ACTIVATE Through this we want to increase life expectancy in good health both physically and mentally.

Active aging prevents illness and acts as a palliative reinforcement to live longer and in better condition. With ACTIVATE we work on different topics and activities looking for these reinforcements and overcoming unwanted loneliness. The pandemic has made us work and create online content, something that has kept the project alive and has managed to enrich it and show the importance of training our elders in new technologies as a support tool for full and active aging.