Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, it is one of the essential foundations to build a peaceful world, prosperous and sustainable. Gender equality is the fight to grant fundamental human rights to millions of girls and women.

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The rights of millions of girls and women to education, health, the identity, the job, political participation and not being attacked depend on this. Y, above all, the right to live.

This is the basis of the projects focused on Gender Equality.

In cooperate NGOs we bet on women as the engine of development,  through education and training in order to equip women and girls with the basic tools to promote their self-esteem, safety, and professional skills that allow them to be owners of their own destiny.

We work on projects for women in three fundamental areas:

Social awareness through graphic images.

Watch and Think, is an awareness project that aims through images, taken by our volunteers,  bring the public closer to the reality of other cultures.  Inside our exhibitions, Melo Jiguen "woman's color" in Woloff, one of the main languages ​​of Senegal, shows through his photographs scenes of the day to day of Senegalese women. Mercedes del Vall, author of this collection and photographer at heart, captures strong women in his photographs, workers, mothers, resilientes, full of color and intensity

You make your future, is a program created by Coopera ONG in 2013, specifically aimed at the group of women in La Rioja and Navarra,  with the main objective of reducing gender labor inequalities.

This program is aimed at unemployed women, especially those who have been in this situation for a long time. Through our program, we provide basic tools for incorporation into the world of work, both for job search and self-employment. Our workshops focus on working on self-esteem that leads to self-confidence, maximizing the skills and attitudes of the participants, to support them in their access or reincorporation to the world of work.

Know the project You mark your future

Coopera takes more than 25 años developing projects focused on women among other groups, with the aim of educating and empowering them to be masters of their own destiny. We have developed projects of different kinds, since the beginning in Uruguay with a nursery that provided professional training to women from the Los Pinos community in Montevideo, Today where we work on various development projects for women in: