Global Citizenship Education Projects currently underway.

get up

El proyecto “Get up and goals!"It is an initiative at European level that seeks to offer schools and secondary school teachers tools, advice and teaching materials…


The Study Solidarity Olympiad © is an innovative Global Citizenship Education action through which young people and companies can participate.

look and think

'Watch and Think’ is a project that uses photographic language or images to provoke reflection on the world around us. This series of exhibitions was developed between…


EDUCAN2 is a project framed in Education for Development, that it aims to promote in the young people of the schools of Navarra, a culture of solidarity and social action.

mercedes spa

the ODS, ICT and the company Riojana

This is the second project funded by the Government of La Rioja to bring the agenda 2030 La Rioja to companies through new technologies.


Study to Build in Navarra (supported II)

More than thirty rooms and study centers and 6.000 young people have joined in the Community of Navarra this project consisting of three activities designed to promote Children's Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals.