Inset center & oacute; n j & oacute; VENES at risk and potenciaci & oacute; n & lsquo skills; Nier & eacute;’



LOCATION & COLLISION AND ACCURATE: City Abidj & aacute; n, Ivory Coast.

SOCIO LOCAL: Carrefour Young.

FINANCED: Government of La Rioja and other contributions

PERFORMING & Auto A: 2006 – 2007

DESCRIPCIÓN: The center faces the problems faced by communities in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods Abidj & aacute; n; problems of poverty, youth violence, integration & oacute; n in armed groups, school failure,… and it provides support to women and families who suffer the consequences, serves 600 j & oacute; YOUNG AND 125 families to a CHILD.

On the one hand provides attention & oacute; n pedag & oacute; custom logic to j & oacute; ensituaci YOUNG & oacute; n risk (youth violence and school failure), solve their deficiencies and skills t & eacute; techniques, develops its integration & oacute; n, poise in society and in the workplace.
Moreover it provides specialist support to families and relatives of the j & oacute; YOUNG particularly mothers.

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