Sustainable food security 1.400 families through community farms and respecting the Amazon

Sector: Food Safety

Localización: Cantón Lago Agrío, Sucumb & iacute; the. Country: Ecuador

Deadline for execution & oacute; n: January 2014 June 2016

Local partner: mayor of Lago Agrio and through the Sustainable Development Directorate Munincipal DMDS

Total project: 597.000 €

Funders: AECID (Spain YEAR Agency; wave for cooperation & oacute; n International Development and NGO Coopera

Description & oacute; n Project:
Project to promote sustainable food security 1.000 Canton families Lago Agrio through the communal farms and respecting the Amazon. People participating in the program are part of the third phase for the production of tilapias and cachamas for self-consumption. These species have extraordinary qualities as rapid growth, tolerance to high population densities, adaptation & oacute; n to captivity and a wide range of foods, disease resistance and quality white meat.
& Aacute be built; n ponds for family farming and formation & oacute is done; n Buy Back & oacute; n strengthening for the proper management of production & oacute; n tilapia and cachamas and support log RIVER stico beneficiary families.

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