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47399 IF YOU PLAY, Cooperas! Christmas lottery

47399 Christmas lottery Cooperates ONGD

If you play, Cooperas

As every year we have the lottery Cooperates. This year we play again with the number 47399. Share your luck with us and many people who can help with the purchase of each entry (5 € of which 1 € goes to our cooperation projects).

Also this year we make it easier, with a simple click here can buy your participation online, the easiest way.

Or if you prefer we also have the lottery as always available in our offices in Logroño ( C / Breton site of Herrreros 33,3º, 7º I.). Then ask your lottery also info@cooperaong.org or t. 941237655



Carlos Coloma and voluntary cooperates


The last Sunday 29 April gather more than 450 Bike along our champion Carlos Coloma. We enjoyed a fun and solidarity day.

With the VI Marcha BTT Carlos Coloma with Cooperates we have achieved our goal of solidarity: 5.000 € for the expansion of the school Arc en Ciel Senegal. More information about this project clicking on this link.


This is the draw, If you are among the winners, Congratulations. Since the organization, we will contact them to inform them of their prize.

*The application deadline gifts is three months from the date of the draw.










Juanjo Alcoz



Juanjo Alcoz






























Spa Mercedes



Spa Mercedes




click here You will find all photos of the day.

This event would not have been possible without the sponsorship: Ramondin, Government of La Rioja, Rioja Sports Foundation, Municipality of Albelda, Nalda City Council and City of Alberite and the collaboration: Navarrete Town Hall , Working box, Bodega Viña Bujanda, Hotel Gran Vía Logroño, Moobilemanía, Peñaclara, Spa Mercedes, Riojana Cycling Federation, Riojana Federation Motociciclismo, Peñaclara, natural Vega, Roller Bike, Auto-Oja, Balcon de Mateo, Red Cross, Diario La Rioja, Tanis, Parry, Coca Cola, LUCÍA Damoc, Passion and Diario La Rioja Ciclista.

Cooperates lead the European project 'Get up and Goals’ in Spain

January 2018.- Cooperates ONGD has been implicated in a new awareness project called 'Get up and Goals’ that work to promote Global citizenship (model of citizenship actively engaged in achieving a more equitable and sustainable world) and knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals among European youth, within the formal education system.Cooperates ONGD will coordinate the project in our country.

‘Get up and goals’ is Una transnational initiative that involved other 11 European countries. It seeks to achieve its objectives by implementing an interactive learning focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) adopted 2015 UN to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for its people as part of a new agenda for sustainable development. To carry out the project, They create different teaching units, Cooperates ue educational materials take place during the project and together with all partners of the same, and youth initiatives and promote training courses for teachers, among other initiatives, over three years.

The project started in late 2017. Recently, Coopera two people have traveled to Rome to attend the inaugural meeting of the project with the other European partner countries.


Carlos Coloma VI BTT banner with Coopera


One more year, and they go 6, We are preparing everything for this sport and solidarity party. he 29 of April to 9 Morning departure will Marcha BTT Carlos Coloma with Cooperates from Palacio de los Deportes in Logroño, where throughout the morning there will be animation, music and children's gymkhana. We share this day with Carlos Coloma, who he is at his best sporting moment. The marchers will run alongside and share the trails and landscapes that he trains daily. Addition of these tours are what make the Bike Race in La Rioja to be held in May.
We have several aid stations and a final banquet to which are invited all participants and their family or friends.


You can sign up easily on this link Rockthesport. Until the day 16 April the price of registration is 15 € for federated and 17 € for non-federated (Of the 17 al 27 April the price is 5 € more).

There is also a special enrollment that includes a pack of three bottles of wine solidarity-PART, a great breeding Viña Bujanda Rioja with the best flavor and which helps many people, as 1,80 € each bottle are intended for educational projects of the NGO Coopera. This is the wine that will offer the final test agape and can see and buy in http://www.shopfamiliamartinezbujanda.com/tienda/conparte/

Courtesy of Bodega Viña Bujanda you can try and buy CON-PART at a special price on the day of the BTT. You can take it for 6,50 € / bottle and 18 € / Case 3 bottles.

If you can not participate in our Marcha BTT and you want to help you can sign in Dorsal 0 with input you want. Any help is important!

Bike Club Coloma has designed two routes of varying difficulty. One short 35 km. and other along 73 km, a drop of about 1.700 meters. to 8 h. will begin delivery of ridges in the Palacio de los Deportes of Logroño and the exit will be the 9 h. Refreshments are: Navarrete (where the march is bifurcated and short tour participants return to Logroño), Albelda, Nalda, Clavijo y Alberite. The goal is at the Palacio de los Deportes de Logroño.


Each entry is assigned to a back test. These numbers will be delivered during the week prior to the test at the Palacio de los Deportes, notify all registered days and delivery times. They can also be picked up the day of the test, he 29 of April, starting at 8 h. in the Palacio de los Deportes. To pick is essential to provide identification or proof of registration (wherein the assigned bib number appears).

EYE! All numbers lats enter a GIFT RAFFLE, courtesy of our partners:

-MOBILE SUNNY 2 THE WIKO, BTS auricular con MP3 y FM y auriculares stereo (kindly Mobilemania).

-2 Vouchers NORMATEC two sessions each. It is a system recovery and performance enhancement for athletes (courtesy of Juanjo Alcoz).

-A bike helmet and backpack hydration (Sports courtesy of Ferrer).

-Two double invitations to visit a winery Finca Valpiedra (Fuenmayor) and three cases of three bottles of wine CON-PART (courtesy of Viña Bujanda).

-Two vouchers for two sessions each sports massage (courtesy of Lucia Damoc).

*If the winners are not present, the organization will be in touch with them to give them their gifts and gift list will be published on the website of www.cooperaong.org
The deadline for claims gift is three months from the date of the draw.

For children

Younger have a Gymkana CHILD, next to the Palacio de los Deportes, with fun tests to be overcome by our volunteers. Remember that you have to bring your bike (without training wheels) and helmet and age to participate is 5 a 12 años.

OUR OBJECTIVE SOLIDARITY: Senegal. This year we will work with the Arc en Ciel School in Senegal. They need to expand their facilities to give continuity to their students and they can pass primary. For October they have to have two new classrooms and materials, each of these classrooms costs 6.000 €. Our objective is to get the Marcha BTT 5.000 € for help. In this video, Marie Dieng, Director of the School Arc en Ciel explains this project:

escuela arc en ciel

THANKS. This event would not be possible without the sponsorship: Ramondin, Government of La Rioja, Rioja Sports Foundation, Municipality of Albelda, Nalda City Council and City of Alberite and the collaboration: Working box, Bodega Viña Bujanda, Hotel Gran Vía Logroño, Moobilemanía, Spa Mercedes, Riojana Cycling Federation, Peñaclara, natural Vega, Roller Bike, Balcon de Mateo, Arluy, Red Cross, Diario La Rioja, Tanis, Coca Cola, Parry, Navarrete Town Hall, LUCÍA Damoc, Peñaclara and Diario La Rioja.


If you want your company to be part of this event and have the same visibility, please contact us at info@cooperaong.org and the tlfo 647653443. It's easier than you think and have tax advantages with your contribution!

Thank you very much!

CONPARTE. The solidarity rioja wine.

anunclo wine conparte



The present CONPART, solidarity came from Bodegas Viña Bujanda and Coopera ONGD. And not, there is a typo, CONPART is written with N because “with part” each bottle is helping many people. This red parenting goes on sale for a price of 6,95 € (VAT included), of those who 1,80 € are allocated to cooperation projects of the NGO Coopera.

This is a wine to share, enjoy and help. A safe bet that you'll always hit. A wine with denomination origin breeding Rioja, aged 12 months in oak barrels, true reflection of the land and vineyards of the wineries Martínez Bujanda family, vintners from 1889. Some names attached to the best wines and know-how of our land forever.

If you want to enjoy more supportive Rioja you can easily purchase through the online store cellar with a simple click here. BUY CONPART

You will get it quickly in your home or at the address you choose and you enjoy it and share helping people. It is also a heartfelt gift for Christmas. *Shipping is free from the 65 € Purchase.

CONPARTE It has a special label, It is a heart that reminds the Cooperates own logo. A heart made up of two people hugging and sharing a unique moment. It is the spirit we want to convey with our wine. Everyone can help, and make each moment a unique moment. CONPART It has this power and helps people of our projects in Senegal, Sierra Leona, R. D. del Congo, Ukraine and Ecuador.

Provides CONPART for solidarity!

You MARK YOU YOUR FUTURE. Cooperates and La Caixa Social Work together for training unemployed women.


Cooperates ONGD has enjoyed the sponsorship of the Social Work of La Caixa for the development of your project marks your future. This initiative has been developed over 2017 riojanas in five locations, reaching a total of 83 women who have improved their personal skills in areas such as self-esteem or time management. This is a project that Cooperates has been developing for five years and this time they wanted to take up rural areas. For it has enjoyed the cooperation of municipalities and their social services.

Locations where courses have been developed have been Navarrete, Rincón de Soto, Santo Domingo, Murillo and Albelda. The training consisted of 28 teaching hours were given in 6 sessions. It has received infrastructure and material donated by the councils themselves support and the project has been developed in collaboration with people who are part of social services in these localities. Through workers and social workers have contacted women and formed groups.

Training has been carried out by E-I mocionado, Riojan cluster dedicated to emotional intelligence and experienced in teaching. The courses have been developed between February and October with a positive balance. The assessment at the end of the course indicates that it has been a very positive experience for all women, who demand more attention and activities in their respective localities. All participants have received at the end of the course a certificate of participation in it.

Cooperates with these training projects aims to contribute to improving the situation of many women in our environment. Getting a job is a social and cultural expectation acquired since childhood and reinforced at school and the nearby environment. Unemployment and insecurity cause a devaluation against the other, especially the family and create contacts break with the social environment and labor.


In this link you can see the video you mark your future that sums up the spirit of this initiative.





Winners of collection Weekend Solidarity Navarrete (The Rioja)

3 Cooperates September 2017.-, with its project to assist victims of sexual violence in R.D. del Congo, ONGD has won the solidarity fund of the end of week which was held this weekend in Navarrete seemana (The Rioja).  With this collection we can continue to help our partners in the R.D. the Congo and the girls welcomed this program.

Cooperates whole team thank the City of Navarrete who has invited us to participate in this event, because it has been a unique opportunity to present our project and more riojanos can know what we do in La Rioja NGOs. also, We give heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our stand and decided to vote for our project.

also, We congratulate the City of Navarrete for this magnificent initiative, coordinated by the organization of the event and the attention we received at all times 4 We were invited NGOs: Kapcha Inti, Caritas, World physician y cooperit.



Cooperates ONGD presents his exhibition 'Melo Jiguen' Ibercaja room in Logroño

Logroño, 4 September 2017. The Exhibition Hall Ibercaja (San Anton 3, Logroño) hosts from today until 16 September 'Melo Jiguen', the latest photographic exhibition of Coopera ONGD. Director of Ibercaja Cultural Center, love Ciriza, and the director of Coopera, David Chimeno, inaugurated this morning the exhibition, which it is like a box full of color and feelings with a group of Senegalese women. The author of these images is the photographer Mercedes Vall, who made these photographs in the Senegalese town of Malicounda during his trip to the country as a volunteer of the NGO Coopera.

Melo Jiguen means 'Color of Woman' in Wolof (mother tongue of many people in Senegal).  Through 22 photographs shows us the reality of women in this area of ​​Senegal, his job, their everyday objects, the colorful dresses. Portraits are a personal dialogue between the author and models. They are images full of sensitivity and color, sometimes, look pictures

Mercedes Vall, volunteer of the NGO Coopera heart and photographer, captures like no beauty and soul of everyday things, transmits his experience and feelings in each of the photographs that make up this sample.

The exhibition 'Melo Jiguen' is part of the awareness project 'Look and Think' of the NGO Coopera,  which it is formed by a total of 9 exhibition modules,  being the last sample has been incorporated into the cycle.

In 2017, 'Look and Think' focuses on raising awareness on the 5th goal of sustainable development: 'Gender equality and empowerment of women and girls'.  It is a project sponsored by the Government of La Rioja through which we want to familiarize society with Sustainable Development Goals and the work of La Rioja ONGD.

Family solidarity begins Cooperates camp in Senegal

The group waiting for the plane's departure

28 of August 2017.- Senegal have already reached participants Family Solidarity Camp III Cooperates. A group of several adults with their children, nephews and grandchildren young teenagers have to live an adventure 15 days working in voluntary work in the field and live a unique and enriching experience, both personally and socially and culturally. The group will work with local youth in Saly Velingara, both tasks helps the community and educational workshops that promote cultural exchange.

One of the work planned by the group will be the adequacy of schools in the town -two public schools and Daara-they need to improve facilities and, especially, a coat of paint. Is about: The Public nursery school it lacks funds to clean up their facilities, in which they painted the wall that surrounds the walls of the bathrooms and classrooms;  Elementary Public School, where there is also a lot to do like painting the bathrooms differentiating between boys and girls, the hole, the teachers' room; and finally la Daara de Mohamed.

The Quranic Daaras are the houses where the children live Talibé. It is easy to access. But nevertheless, Mohamed this summer will let the participants campemento of Coopera work with children Daara painting the area where they sleep and pray and doing some arreglillo more. And all this while we share with them a time of mutual learning, Talibé because the kids like to learn, Español, play football and are very crafty reusing materials, so that together we learn to recycle what they have on hand to give a useful use.

Also in the town of Saly Valingara, Cooperates has the facilities of one of one of its projects, the school 'Garderie Arc en Ciel'.  Several days a week, divided into age groups, I was hanprogramado activities with students and mothers of school have formed an association of women active. Ingless classes, French and Spanish, works with recycled material, workshops basic hygiene and Spanish cuisine, Ultimately sports workshops ..., the idea is to do direct work in coexistence with the locals; and at one point, help as needed.

All participants have departed from Spain with suitcases to the top, full of clothes and shoes for children Talibé, school supplies, some medicines, materials for handicrafts…a bit of everything.

In addition to these projects, sure there will be new things to do and learn. Africa must leave room for improvisation and let go.


More information on family solidarity camp Cooperates





exposure “Come into my school” Colegio Villa Patro in Logrono

Children of the CEIP Villa Patro in the Exhibition Come into my School. Attend explanations about the exhibition.

Villa Patro de Logroño College has hosted these days exposure Come into my Cooperates School. The show ended 6 June with small talk and participation of all students. Children of all courses have been “enter our school”, ask your questions, sit in the classroom and touching objects.

It is a playful and participatory experience that we seek to raise awareness of universal access to education. It is therefore recognized as a fundamental right and the 4th goal of sustainable development. The goal is that all children can go to a school with good conditions. As a result they have adequate training and may choose and own their future, away from poverty. This is what you are looking Cooperates in the countries where its projects based on education cooperaicón. Senegal is one of these countries, and that is reflected in this exhibition. But it could be a school of any other African country and many other parts of the world.

  niños y niñas de infantil del CEIP Villa Patro en la exposición Entra en mi Escuela

Two moments of the day with children of nursery and primary schools CEIP Villa Patro

The exhibition has been seen in this facility since the day 23 of May. During this time teachers and students have passed through our little school and have lived with it. he 6 June could share their experiences and questions with us. It is Sensitization activity sponsored by the Government of La Rioja. Within our project 5th Goal, this year we want sensiblizar around equality and empowerment of women and girls. Due, speak Access To Education on equal terms it is essential.

From Cooperates we want to thank this opportunity that has offered us CEIP Villa Patro. Our goal is that young and younger approach the world of cooperation and solidarity. We create exhibitions and playful and participatory experiences so that they can make it happen.

It is shown that we remember the 10 % what we read, A 20 % what we see and 90 % what we say and do. That is why our exhibitions and activities seek maximum interaction and participation. In “Come into my school” we explain the reality of other children, but we also want the public to participate, that between, it feels, touch and ask. Children of Villa Patro have entered our school and have lived an experience you will remember and share with your inner circle.

Watch and Think ' It is an awareness project that uses the photographic language or images to provoke reflection on the world around us. This exhibition series was conceived among our volunteers who wanted to mostar the rest of society different 'lives' they had met through their participation in various labor camps. The photographs themselves did, the letters and mails sent to friends and family, as well as other texts such as travel journals or diaries, They constituted the raw material of these exposures. Also it objects brought from South these became part of the cycle, because they are a reflection of that reality we want you to look and think, because LEARN TO WATCH IS LEARNING TO THINK.

The success of this activity is its way of transmitting. The photographs were taken by volunteers from our labor camps in Peru, Mexico, Angola, Senegal o la R. D. del Congo; son, Therefore, images made with the aim and heart. Normally, the staging of these images complemented with personal belongings of the protagonists brought from there by volunteers, such as toys made by children in Angola, tables and desks Senegalese schools, work tools Women Congo or Guatemala ...

Actually, Cycle 'Look and Think' consists of ten samples. Luis Miguel Belvis, Ana Rita Rodrígues and Mercedes Vall are the authors of photographic samples.

Cooperates already preparing another very visual and interactive exhibition on iguadad gender and empowerment Women with the support of the Government of La Rioja. What is it and why is it important? 5º TARGET It is the title of this new sample.

We invite all schools, associations and organizations that are interested in these activities to consult us without commitment info@cooperaong.org or tl. 941 237 655


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