The 20 of November, Universal Day of the Rights of the Child, From the ONGD Coopera we carried out the first edition of the story ‘We, the Talibé children ’, a story created to raise awareness about the living conditions these children in Senegal are subjected to.

In this situation we are currently experiencing because of the Covid-19 we want to offer you this precious text free of charge so that you can enjoy it as a family and learn more about the Talibé children and their reality.

Download the story in different languages ​​for free here:

This story is part of the informative material, for the dissemination and awareness of the Solidarity Study Olympiad project. Its printing has been possible thanks to the Government of Navarra and Gráficas Ochoa. More than 10 years of experience in Senegal, The ONGD Coopera has started working in the city of Saint Louis on a project that seeks to improve the living conditions and the physical and psychological health of the Talibes. It is a health project that will train nursing professionals in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, especially scabies, which is the pathology that most affects these children.