In 1994 a group of young students decided to work to change the world.

Cooperates was born.

Coopera is an NGO development cooperation without political ties, religious or cultural and non-profit, founded by a group of university students and young professionals motivated to intervene in favor of global development with innovative approaches.

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Mission, vision and values.

The MISSION Coopera is to carry out projects that improve the quality of life of our beneficiaries and help reduce poverty and injustice in the world. We focus on education as an engine of progress. Access to education at any level, training and vocational training are targets of our projects and are always present in them as much if they have an educational or are in other areas.

We work in Development Cooperation Projects in countries in Africa and South America in areas of education, vocational education and training; in agricultural projects, environmental and food sovereignty. We work with communities and mainly women.

In Spain and Europe mainly social awareness work through projects Education for Development. For this we have our own strategy of Education for Development. A third pillar of our activity are Social projects with which we try to promote people, especially women in long-term unemployment, our immediate environment.


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The VALUES that guide us in designing our projects or interventions are as follows:


Whether beneficiaries of our projects, local partners, volunteers, workers, donors or sponsors, in all our projects we consider the person, or at least we tried. Our work focuses on improving the living conditions of people. We strive to give individual attention.

The innovation

Since its inception, Cooperates ONGD has opted to seek innovative solutions to social and economic problems of poor countries. We do not want to repeat what others have already done or tried, but to propose new ideas for development, solutions adapted to the different circumstances in which the world finds itself at different times.

The responsability. Our responsibility to the work of the NGO and our beneficiaries requires us:


Which translates into adequate training specific to the tasks each performs, either volunteer or worker. Our Equality Plan.


To analyze the problems that people we work with face, listening, analyzing, social distancing ourselves from certain impositions and defending our values.


We seek the sustainability of our organization and beneficiaries to continue our work in the future, and environmental sustainability to not jeopardize the development of future generations.


In our projects we apply the principle of optimization of resources available depending on the circumstances of the beneficiary countries and we work.


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Our way of working, our plans, decisions and actions, Boxed are audited by the certifier exercise ICONG.

Our activities can only be consulted on the website and government agencies where we place our Annual Activities, so that society and the countries with which we work can know our work, resources and how we use them.

also, to see our accounts follow this link

Respect al Code of Conduct of the NGO Coordinator of Spain.

OurVIEW: We aim to become a leader in the field of international development cooperation by the high professional and creative level applied to our projects and finding solutions to combat poverty and injustice in the world.