'Watch and Think' It is a series of exhibitions that arises from the desire of our volunteers to show the rest of society the realities that have met trav & eacute; s your participation & oacute; n in the different fields of work. His photographs RIVER as, texts and objects against RIVER, two from the pa RIVER countries of the South are a reflection of the reality that we want t STILL look and think, becauseLEARN TO WATCH IS LEARNING TO THINK

photographer: Mercedes Vall.Name of the exhibition: Melo Jiguen.

The photo exhibition ‘Melo Jiguen’ (Color Women) is the most recent work of this cycle (year 2016).  It is a dialogue full of color and feelings with a group of Senegalese women. The author of these images is Mercedes Vall. Fotógrafa heart, on their trips he captures like no beauty and soul of everyday things. And a very clear example of this are these images made in Malicounda (Senegal), in August 2015, during his trip to Senegal NGO Coopera.

You can see them in the next gallery.


Name of the exhibition: Enter my School.

Fotófrafo: Luis Miguel Belvis

In 2015, joined cycle exposure ‘Come into my school '. Photographs and objects made in Senegal by Luis Miguel Belvis shaped this exhibition, It presented inside a tent in which we tried to reproduce the atmosphere of an authentic African school, which it appears in the first photographs gallery.

This tent has toured various cultural and educational centers in order to raise awareness about the problems access to education that other children and young people face. The exhibition is inspired by Africa, as it represents a school with large photographs of Senegal, with students and everyday objects that have at school (desks, whiteboards, chalks, canteen, small toys ...). With our tent invites everyone to come, sit and 'feel’ again as when he went to school.



Name of the exhibition: 'Mujer your ideas can move the world’

Photographer: Luis Miguel Belvis

Woman, your ideas can move the world. Exposure formed by Figures 3D, from photographs of Luis Miguel Belvis, and objects of women protagonists of our projects in Guatemala, Peru, Angola, Senegal y Congo. All objects can be touched: a blanket with a doll and weight of a child who can test you and see what is working 10 daily hours with your baby on her back, a clothesline so you see how they dress ...

We want 'touches and think’ and 'think you look and.