The group of volunteers participating this summer in the Family Camp Cooperates Solidario has reached Senegal and have begun work on the rehabilitation of schools. They will work in 4 schools, 2 in the village of Warang and 2 in Mbour, in decorating a small nursery and Whatever arises!

The group consists of 16 Spaniards between 18 Y 23 years and some mom. With them, Scouts are working Dakar and several young locals who wanted to join this great cultural exchange experience and teamwork.

The camp reaches its V edition this year with the expectation that will be a success and an unforgettable life experience for all participants, Spaniards and Senegalese. During 15 días, youth and families will work closely with local youth, both tasks helps the community, ranging from painting and restoration of public schools to participate in recreational / educational workshops for children in the villages, and knowledge sharing with teenagers, young and old through language classes, sports, recycling workshops, learning craft techniques etc..

Solidarity Camp The aim is to sensitize our young people about the real needs of developing countries, collaborating in voluntary work in the field and live a unique and enriching experience both personally and socially and culturally.

You can follow the daily life of the group in our pages Facebook and of Instagram


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  1. Hello, I would like to have more information about your volunteer projects. I am a lady who in principle would go alone, I have 52 years and I have already made another volunteer R. Dominican , but I am interested in meeting other projects. If you can tell me how grateful. a greeting. Thank you.

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