The Senegalese government has also ordered the closure of schools, universities and places of worship, and the cancellation of all public meetings, talibé sites could beg; and yet, He has not taken any decision regarding the daaras. Faced with this situation, those fighting for the rights of this country infanciaen, They have taken up the matter, launching several initiatives to alleviate as much as possible the situation of these children.

One of the associations working for the welfare of these children is La Maison de la Gare. This governing body of activist Issa Kouyate, located en Saint Louis, to the north of the country, has started to distribute hygiene kits are a dozen daaras that house over 2.000 Talibés, Children are particularly exposed to contagious diseases. They are doing both the marabouts awareness as children about the threat of the COVID and encouraging their talibé marabouts keep off the streets. This training involves showing them the importance of washing hands and do it effectively and respect the basic hygiene practices. Hygiene kits being distributed include soap, hand sanitizer and bleach.

Volunteers prepare food for Talibé

Moreover and to mitigate the consequences of confinement is having on the possibilities for children to beg and Talibé, so, ensured their daily food, La Maison de la Gare has launched a new initiative in collaboration with community workers and volunteers from neighborhoods divided into sectors of the city. They have contacted 10 agents to feed approximately 2.000 Talibé. Each district will prepare dinner for these children, especially for those who have not eaten for a week.

According to news received directly from Issa Kouyate, this Sunday 5 of April, Could feed over 1.000 ni & ntilde; the. They mobilized 10 Daar of Ndeyou in different localities of Saint Louis, where there is an average of 70 talibés in each daara.

Thanks to Issa Kouyate,  tireless fighter for the rights of children, his team and to the solidarity of the people, small at the least have guaranteed a meal.

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