Title of the project: 'Sustainability and Economic Sustainability, productive- Post Earthquake Tourist Associations Women's Craft and related production of San Vicente Canton’

Localización: San Vicente Canton, Manabi Province, Ecuador

Amount of grant requested: 108.034,00 €

Financing: City of Achievement CHILD, VII Marcha BTT cooperates with Carlos Coloma

Sector: Productive economic recovery Desk. strengthening value chains of associations working, allowing standardization of processes to ensure production volumes.

Local partners: Decentralized Autonomous Government of Saint Vincent and Coopera Ecuador

benefited women: 220

Term project implementation: 12 months

Expected start date: 1 December 2018

Estimated completion date: 30 of November 2019

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summary description:

The project is critical work group of enterprising women who organized to work in associations recognized by Superintendency of Popular and Solidarity Economy of Ecuador, between them: Artisan Association "Creativity Without Limits", Association of Agricultural Production and Entrepreneurship "Sabores del Valle de Hacha, Association of Agricultural Production Sacha Inchi "Asosiacin", Artisan Association "Art, Salt and sweet. "Asoproardul" These organizations have the expertises in making handicrafts jewelry (bracelets, diadems, earrings, rings), vases, piggy banks, ornaments, dolls, textile products, food products, jams, rompopes, wines, peppers and all kinds of food and other services.

The need to strengthen the capacities of these organizations is essential and tangible need, a place where to produce organic products. The need to standardize their production processes, by conditioning / processing center construction and manufacturing that allow them to unify processes, standardize volume and quality of production and favorable conditions to market their products at any scale. All this plus the work of management and operation of associations contribute to the sustainability of partnerships in the future, so that these are prepared to run on track the fate of their associations.

The project aims to support the sustainability of women's associations framed in the project, and providing the space necessary to produce and market equipment associatively.


– Establish centers of handicraft production processing and manufacturing, necessary to comply with production standards and quality equipment 4 women's associations of San Vicente Canton.

– Implement a special training program, technical advice for obtaining medical records or other as appropriate.

– Implement a specific intensive program in management techniques, financial and commercial management and operation of the centers associatively.

– Design and implement a strategy that includes strengthening value chains of associations through plans for brand positioning, distribution, marketing and support and search for new trade agreements.

– Design and training formats for administrative and accounting arrangements of associations according to the law of the Superintendency of Solidarity Economy and People

– Implement a tourist attraction around production processes and local customs, taking advantage of process routes as a tourist route where customers can observe and experience flavors and knowledge through the course of processing facilities.