XVII Special Study Solidarity Olympics 30 Anniversary Rights of the Child

The Olympic Solidarity Study is an innovative awareness and solidarity action, through which young people and businesses can participate and engage with development cooperation projects.

During the month-long Olympics, which is held between the 5 November and 5 from December, young people attend study halls attached to the activity and donate their hours of study. For every donated time, the organization of the Olympiad will allocate 1 € to finance development cooperation projects in disadvantaged countries.

The ultimate goal of the Olympiad is to raise awareness about obstacles that may mean for the future development of a person not having access to basic education and lack of training. We partnered with 4 Objective of sustainable development: 'Ensuring inclusive education, equitable and quality and promote learning opportunities throughout life for all '

In 2018, the Olympic Solidarity Study will reach its 16th edition. Under the slogan 'I am where I can help' attempt to gather hours / euros needed for cooperation projects selected, as well as raising thousands of young people about the problem of lack of access to education in developing countries, Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

DO YOU join our revolution SOLIDARITY?

If you are a company or public entity you can join by becoming a sponsor, hours exchanging euros

If you are a student you can join by donating your study hours. Seeks solidarity study rooms of your city and Join the campaign!


Nov 05 2019 - Dec 05 2019


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