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January 2018.- Cooperates ONGD has been implicated in a new awareness project called 'Get up and Goals’ that work to promote Global citizenship (model of citizenship actively engaged in achieving a more equitable and sustainable world) and knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals among European youth, within the formal education system.Cooperates ONGD will coordinate the project in our country.

‘Get up and goals’ is Una transnational initiative that involved other 11 European countries. It seeks to achieve its objectives by implementing an interactive learning focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) adopted 2015 UN to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for its people as part of a new agenda for sustainable development. To carry out the project, They create different teaching units, Cooperates ue educational materials take place during the project and together with all partners of the same, and youth initiatives and promote training courses for teachers, among other initiatives, over three years.

The project started in late 2017. Recently, Coopera two people have traveled to Rome to attend the inaugural meeting of the project with the other European partner countries.

IMG 20180111 WA0003