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This week we received a visit from the Director of Cooperate in Ecuador, Amparo Freire Rene Mejia, and we told the results of the latest project executed by Cooperates in the country.

It was the 2nd project got underway cooperate in order to reactivate one of the areas most severely affected by the earthquake 2016: Canton San Vicente in the province of Manabi.  In this case, Cooperates addressed especially women and, in fact, the intervention was designed to fit women Production Associations and Allied Craft Canton.

With this project we wanted to support the sustainability of women's associations framed in the project, and providing the space necessary to produce and market equipment associatively. The results have been really good: have been put into operation four floors of handicraft production and women beneficiaries are already performing local marketing of its products. The project is working!

Strengthen the capacities of these organizations was fundamental and tangible need, hence Cooperates Ecuador has trained more than 200 working women eager to keep fighting.

Workshops have been held organizational strengthening, agroalimentarias good practices, accounting and cost management, production and waste management phases, marketing and administration.

But they have also been given workshops coaching for gender empowerment since the success of the project was going to strengthen, among other things, self-esteem of these women.

 'I admire these women for the strength and show that many of them suffer gender violence, They have many children and no support from parents or husbands, They suffer from lack of economic resources and even some of them have not had the chance to study at the most basic level ', He explained René Freire.

The project was carried out with the financial support of the City Council of Logroño and technical collaboration of the Government Autonomous Decentralized San Vicente (GAD) and has been awarded the recognition of the Mayor of the Canton of St. Vincent himself.

'I want to acknowledge the unconditional support of the DAG San Vicente because without their technical collaboration would not have been possible to comply with the results we had set ourselves', commented René Freire, who also praised the work of the group of women entrepreneurs who organized to work in associations recognized by Superintendency of Popular Economy and Solidarity of the Ecuador.

'When we say that the project has been a success not only because it is working but because they have exceeded all expectations since it was planned execution of handicraft production plant and we finally made four', has said Freire. These plants Associations 'Asosiacin' oil production Sacha Inchi, Art craft production Asoproardul, Asoprocreli salt and sweet and handicraft production that have been launched in the same building which has been called ASADUL (Oil, Salt and Sweet); while rural women plant producing chifles is located in another building which has been called FLAVORS OF THE VALLEY OF THE AX.

Artisanal products coming out of these plants -palm, sweet, jams, chifles and crafts- They are marketed in the craft center Hij L @ s @ s of the S @ l which was built by cooperates in Ecuador 2018, with financial support from the Government of La Rioja, within the framework of a previous project training women in the Canton of San Vicente.