Our young people and their families work closely with local youth, both tasks helps the community, ranging from painting and restoration of public schools to participate in recreational / educational workshops for children in the village, and knowledge sharing with teenagers, young and old through language classes, sports, recycling workshops, learning craft techniques etc..

The recommended age is from 14 until 24 años, as a dive volunteer and cooperation, older age participants can go with parents or alone.

Families participating with more than 2 children over 14 may include a third child below the recommended age, whenever minimum 12 (11 in special cases) años.

We organize our camps for up groups 15 people, so that everyone can do everything and not a crowded experience, which it is one of the characteristics of this project, attention and customization

 Affinity groups formed by age, whether they go with parents or not (provided they are over 18 años), as there are some young adults who want to share this experience with their parents.

We group families with children and young people who are participating without family, by age group with the aim of creating more or less homogeneous teams for coexistence among participants guys is to their interests and there is greater harmony in groups.

  • Participants complete a pre-registration form
  • All participants and their families are interviewed in person or via Skype by the project manager.
  • Participants must be within the age group described in the project
  • Participation will depend not only when the application form is sent but the result of the personal interview
  • no space is not reserved while the above are not met and reservation payment is formalized.

PLACE: Saly Vélingara. A 90 km al Sur Dakar. Región de Thiès. Senegal.

  • Negotiate group rates through a travel agency partner Cooperates to cut as much as possible the cost of flights, in the case of not reaching the minimum group 10 participants to benefit from the group rate, responsible for the camp indicate the flight must book and each participant will reserve their own flight date and time indicated.

Periodo mínimo 14 nights - 15 días.

First group: of the 14 al 28 of July.

second Group: of the 28 July to 12 of August.

Fortnights fixed date of departure and return for each group.

Usually stay in small rural hotels, to help local people. These are basic hotelitos, but with all the necessary amenities to allow participants to relax and enjoy while we are not working.

Shared rooms, of 2 O 3 people, either households or affinity age and sex, depending on the infrastructure of the hotel and group size.

The accommodation includes full board, three meals a day, where we combine traditional Senegalese dishes with European diet so that participants have a real cultural immersion.

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