Solidarity Family Camp

The goal of family solidarity camp in Senegal is to introduce adolescents to development cooperation with their parents / mothers or families. We want to sensitize our young people about the realities of living other  young people like them in developing countries, collaborating in voluntary work and living a unique and enriching experience, both from the point of view as a social and cultural.


DURATION & Auto A & Dates:

Periodo mínimo 14 nights – 15 días.

First group: Of the 14 al 28 of July.

second Group: Of the 28 July to 12 of August.

Fortnights fixed date of departure and return for each group.

Maximum 12 participants per group. (exceptions)

PLACE: Saly Velingara. a 90 km al Sur Dakar. Región de Thiès. Senegal.


We will stay at a local small hotel, Sali area - Niakh Niakhal, run by Senegalese. It is a simple yet wide and common areas for leisure time and a small pool for hotel relax after work.

features 11 double rooms, No frills but with all the comforts that you may need. is just a 500 meters from the beach and the area has many small shops of local artisans who can vistar.

We sleep in dormitories (maximum 2 people, very large double bed), individual bathroom, mosquito net, fan.


age allowed: Older than 14 años, except that the father / mother traveling with more than 2 Children, in which case they could be accepted from the 12 años.

Reservation: It has to be made before 15 May and pay 150 euros.

also, you must complete and submit a registration form. Puesde download it here: YOUNG SHEET // FAMILY FILE

Request: Envíala a and tell us what are your skills and abilities to organize your tasks.

Language: It is highly recommended, but not essential, have knowledge of French.

vaccines: preventive antimalarial treatment is recommended.

Custom: Senegal is a predominantly Muslim country so it is recommended to be respectful of the customs and way of life of the population.


We have prepared a little of everything: in the mornings (if time does not decide otherwise) We will carry out rehabilitation work in public schools and Primary who need a hand painting, Furniture restoration, swings, play areas and adaptation of spaces and classrooms. If we can work on some DAARA (*), to paint or improve facilities of the boys. *subject to local approval

In the rehabilitation, we work closely with area youth, school teachers and parents who want to join us.

In the evenings (We may one day change the order, It will depend on heat and rain) we craft workshops with the kids of the village, language workshops with the elderly in Spanish, English, Frances, wolof (all learn from all) and dance workshops. We participate in a summer camp organized by Senegalese boys local association Marpel. We play football, basketball and all that we are able to play together and team.

We concentrate work in the town of Saly Vélingara, Saly - Niakh Niakhal, Saly Aerodrome y Saly Bambara, which is where we identified projects that will work this summer.

The plan is to direct work in coexistence with the locals; and at one point, help in whatever it takes. The experience of previous years we always unforeseen needs or circumstances arise that demand our support. Así, Besides the work of re habilitation and workshops with youth and children in the area, We organize activities with mothers and women of the local association to learn how to make soaps, jams, dyeing fabrics .... And we can teach what we know.

Cooperates visit projects in Senegal ONGD is in the vicinity of Saly, as the school 'Garderie Arc en Ciel', goat farm 'La Ferme’ and we are building cheese factory and will employ many people in the area ... Visit local markets such as Mbour where Senegalese fabrics are bought, the fish market "awesome", villages where we will learn to grind MIJO, draw water from a well ... or, simply, enjoy good times with them in the shade of a baobab.


In the case of a family: The first adult pays 615 € per fortnight and the second member from the following discounts apply: 10%, 15% 18% and 20%.

For young people without family from 18 Y 24 años:  550€ presenting student card

If you want to see the detail information in consultation discounts on PDF attachment

The price includes:  Accommodation in shared room with full board (3 meals a day and water) and transport activities every business day.
Price does not include: Transfers after hours'work’, and excursions, or extra activities; airplane ticket(costs between 400-600 € roundtrip) or the mandatory health insurance; neither would the price be offered excursions from the organization as an alternative leisure time, whose price depends on the number of people who will apuntéis.

Requests detailed information and booking by calling Yolanda to 609.08.86.91 or send an email to where you can also expose your doubts:

You can see some pictures of previous editions Family Camp.


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