Just wanted IS POWER!

And there is always a formula to be integral, you can choose the one that fits you:

  • Become a member, by a recurring donation, YOU CHOOSE As you contribute and if you want to do it by transfer or by credit card, Just click here and enter your details.
  • If you prefer you can be a donor or partner of a specific campaign, we have created campaigns for some of the projects that need your support. YOU CHOOSE with which collaborate, you can always change campaign, or support more than one.

We have other formulas so you can be supportive

There are a thousand ways to be supportive, If you do not know how, but you want something original, write and think together.

Gift solidarity: A fellowship?, a wedding? A family event?, Imagine if your guests receive a gift with united purpose, You did not just helping us, but will inspire others to do the same!

Here's an example, and if you want something typical of the countries we work speaks to us and we will give thought.

Colorful Balloons Birthday Facebook Post 2

birthday solidarity: Do you have everything and we know you want to give away? Tell your friends instead of giving you a gift, do not use or have possibly repeated, give what you would be spent on a project with which you're involved. You'll be helping and inspiring. We can help you raise it and create your campaign, You just have to tell.

Colorful Balloons Birthday Facebook Post

Organizes a career, a football game or golf tournament! With united purpose, everyone wins.