• -Promote active participation.
  • -Offer strategies for active aging.
  • -Awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and active participation in society.
  • -Train older people in the proper use of new technologies, thus helping their independence.
  • -Train the social skills of the elderly to facilitate and improve their social integration.
  • -Raise awareness of the importance of physical exercise as a means of improving their quality of life by providing them the skills necessary to practice the same.
  • -Training and care for caregivers (family and professionals) in the active aging of their elders.
  • -Delay the appearance of cognitive problems by providing the elderly with strategies for maintaining an active mind.

Fundación Banco Santander supports with 5.000 € the project ACTIVATE. Thanks to this impulse, we are already working on the programming of our initiative with different proposals and ideas.. We continue to have the collaboration of the town councils of Nalda and Albelda and the Montesclaros residence. We are expanding our network of contacts and collaborations to offer new proposals and meetings, most will remain online via zoom and, insofar as the health situation allows us, face-to-face activities.

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On the left, delivery of the aid by the regional director of Banco Santander to the coordinator of Coopera. On the right, image of the activity.

The INNOVA SOCIAL initiative, Fundación Caja Navarra and Fundación La Caixa supports the ACTIVATE NAVARRA project, promotion of active aging in Ribera Navarra through APP and
activities with the elderly and caregivers in the area with 17.708 €. Thanks to this impulse from Coopera we will continue working for the development of an active aging and away from unwanted loneliness in the Ribera Navarra area.

In addition to zoom and face-to-face meetings with people over 65 years in different locations in this area, work is being done on the creation of a free mobile application in which users will be able to find information, videos and content to help active aging. They will also be able to consult the planned activities and doubts or share their own experiences and comments. It also seeks to train all participants in the use of new technologies (mobile and computers) so that they can be independent when looking for information or carrying out basic steps.

The project also includes care and training for caregivers with sessions and personalized follow-up.

These are the specific objectives of the project:

-Improve the quality of life of the elderly who participate in the program, preparing them to face active aging without loneliness.

-Improve the resilience and self-esteem of caregivers, both professionals and family members of the area where the program takes place.

-Inform and sensitize local administrations (town halls) and its social services staff on active aging within the 3 ODS, health and
wellness, so that they can guide their actions and policies taking into account this social perspective.

At least 60 people will participate directly in this project, number that will increase with the online users of our YouTube channel ACTIVATE YOURSELF and our ACTIVATE application that will be offered free of charge. It is essential to train older people in the proper use of new technologies to achieve their full independence and social integration, At the same time, we will provide them with the necessary tools to achieve self-esteem that allows them to enjoy active and healthy aging.

From Coopera and in collaboration with the psychologist Vanesa García Urbina, we have created the ACTIVATE initiative, that for three years has been developing activities to achieve active aging and away from unwanted loneliness, especially in rural areas. Thanks to INNOVA we are going to take this project to the Navarrese shore, with the improvements and lessons learned from our previous projects and in collaboration with other entities and administrations in the area. We work on the ODS 3 (Health & Wellness) next to the ODS 17 (alliances). 

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ACTIVATE has been developed in rural areas of La Rioja thanks to the support of the Obra Social de La Caixa, which has contributed 22.900 euros, in its call for 2019.

This program ended on 30 June 2021.

The current pandemic situation and the confinement that we live in 2020 they forced us to delay the start of some scheduled activities and give them a new twist. We work with a stable group of elderly people and also volunteers and specialists in different fields and we hold weekly meetings through zoom (in total about 100 people). We have managed to adapt our activities and work with older people who are familiar with new technologies. We have also included in this new format entities such as the Montesclaros residence that can replicate all our activities (we record the meetings and create audiovisual materials) with its residents, In the same way, we make our activities reach older people who are not familiar with technology, thanks to volunteers in Nalda and Logroño.. We have the participation of the towns of Nalda and Albelda through their municipalities. We have also had specialized volunteers in different fields and with the participation of the Montesclaros residence.

It has also collaborated with the project from the Carlos Coloma BTT Solidarity March with Coopera, which in its edition 2020 it could not be held in person, but from which it was possible to collaborate with it.

Despite the current situation due to Covid-19, we continue working to bring our activities to the beneficiaries since now, more than ever, This support and these encounters are essential in order to achieve healthy aging and away from unwanted loneliness.



On the left visit and delivery of diplomas to participants and managers of the Montesclaros de Albelda residence. On the right, one of the zoom meetings of the project.