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    • Juan Controneo, Solidarity camp 2918 - Parents Group IV Edition

    intense experience, full, satisfactory, we think we've made a mini bit. This experience we will not forget and probably never repeat.

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    • Olga Vidal, Solidarity camp 2018 IV Edition

    "Unforgettable experience and very satisfying, where I met friends who always carry in my heart. See you soon"

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    • Nuria Pozo Family Camp 2016 III Edition

    unique and enriching experience both my daughters as I got to know otherwise, experimenting and trying odors, flavors, sounds, unique landscapes and above all have the opportunity to share and live with people as great and generous . Since arriving, You want to go back.

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    • Juan Ignacio Rodríguez. Colegio Mayor San Juan Bosco. Sevilla

    I turn again to you in order to acknowledge the initiative that you carry out and do important social work. I wish the world was full of people like that.

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    • Raquel Simó. IES Salvador Gadea. Aldaia. Valencia

    Dear organizers of the Olympic Solidarity Study: We want to congratulate you on this project, the idea, for the excellent organization and monitoring.

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    • Sonsoles. Colegio Mayor Bonaigua. Barcelona

    Thank you very much for the Olympic Games Study. We loved being able to help children in Senegal with our work.

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    • Teulón Luis Guerra - Managing Partner

    We are pleased to support the important work you carry out, and thanks to your wine Solidario "Conparte", we do our Christmas and solidarity of our customers, while we contribute our grain!

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    • Rafael Alonso - Founding Partner

    "We are delighted to support your projects and initiatives, you are a great team of dedicated professionals to a fundamental social work, We will continue supporting your projects "Thanks for letting us contribute our bit!  

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    • Lundbeck

    "Many thanks to Cooperates NGOs and all people who are behind. Your work makes our little help multiply ".   A big hug to everyone s! Sales Efficiency Business Intelligence Department  

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    • Javier Moreno Managing Director

    "Congratulations, do a great job "Aviva Voice

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