Corporate Social Responsibility

Create a strong business and a better world are not conflicting goals: both are essential ingredients for long term success


By RSE It means the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society, which means that business organizations must integrate social concerns, environmental and ethical, respect human rights and take into account consumer concerns. Así, create value, can identify, prevent and mitigate the potential adverse consequences.

There are countless ways that a company can implement in your plan CSR, there is only to choose the most suited or combine several

  • Financially support one or more projects of the NGO, in the Third World, with which the company and its employees feel identified, It is one of the most active forms of cooperation chosen by companies.
  • Marketing solidarity

We can link this type of Marketing to Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC o RSE) companies. The goal is to raise funds for social causes linking action to a product, service or company strategy, the sale or promotion is intended for a development projectNGO in the Third World. Read more

If your company does not have a CSR plan, or you have ideas, but no member of your team can devote to this topic, It is not a problem, we can help. We have professionals of Marketing and CSR will support you to create, implement and evaluate a plan to measure.Here are some ideas or alternatively CONTACT US

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