Thanks to the altruism of Óscar Domínguez and David Sotés and Ibercaja Cultural Center, who gives us their facilities whenever you need, We could organize courses nougat and marzipan, ice creams, hojaldres, chocolates, jellies and candies.

Oscar and David are two professors from the School of Hotel of Santo Domingo de la Calzada who collaborate with Coopera. This time they wanted to contribute their grain of sand to the draft Cooperates, They offering the completion of these courses that not only donated their time and expertise, but also the amount of tuition.

If you also happened to you organize a solidarity course and want to share with us I tell us about!.

Write to:

martamarques@cooperaong.org / info@cooperaong.org
Or give us a call 941 23 76 55 / 673 016 725